The Last 2 Months of 2022 Changed Our Entire 2023

The Last 2 Months of 2022 Changed Our Entire 2023

Hey everyone, I want to share with you a story about how we transformed our business in just two months.

It all started at the end of 2022. My husband Jean and I were sitting around the kitchen table, reflecting on the past year and wondering what we could do to make 2023 even better. We had a lot of ideas, but we decided to focus on three key things:

  1. Reinvesting in our business. We had been so focused on growth that we hadn’t taken the time to invest in new software and tools, or to improve our processes. We realized that this was a mistake. So, we made a commitment to reinvesting in our business, so that we could be more efficient and better equipped to take on new challenges.
  2. Changing our annual routine. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to start planning for the next year, we decided to start planning now. We wanted to be proactive and make sure that we were making the best investments possible. So, we sat down and mapped out our goals for 2023. We also identified the key areas where we needed to improve.
  3. Dreaming bigger. We wanted to define a new version of “success” for Design Theory. We didn’t want to just keep doing the same things the same way. We wanted to push ourselves and see what we were really capable of. So, we set some ambitious goals for ourselves, and we started to develop a plan to achieve them.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. There were definitely some challenges along the way. But we stayed focused on our goals, and we never gave up. And in the end, it all paid off.

In just two months, we completely transformed our business. We invested in new software and tools, we improved our processes, and we developed a clear plan for achieving our goals. We also hired a new team member and expanded our services. As a result, we were able to increase our revenue by 152% so far this year.

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past year. But I know that this is just the beginning. We’re excited to continue growing our business and helping our clients achieve their goals.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I encourage you to take the time to reflect on your business and identify areas where you can improve. Don’t be afraid to make changes, and don’t be afraid to dream big. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

If you’re interested in the exact process we took to increase our revenue, join the waitlist for our Holiday Sales Training here –

Attn Orlando: Upcoming Facebook Training

This post is part of our Reluctant Social Media Manager series, support for those of us who want measurable social media results with the least amount of effort.

This year has been full of excitement for Design Theory, and this summer is no exception.  Earlier this year we launched new services including Managed Hosting, Social Media Management, and the profitable sales tool Automated Virtual Chat.

We’re pleased to announce that starting this summer we will be providing Facebook Training Classes for the Orlando area.  We’ve developed a curriculum that will take any Facebook Business Page manager from novice to expert.  Our classes cover all of the basics – setting up and managing a Facebook Page, Facebook Best Practices, and Advertising.  We’ll go into some advanced topics such as: Managing Ads, Campaign Optimization, Targeting and Insights.

In February I provided a talk on Facebook advertising at WordCamp Miami (you can watch it here) and the response was overwhelming.  I was flooded with so many questions after the session, that I realized there is a need for classroom style Facebook training.  There are tons of resources online to help you learn how to leverage Facebook for your business, but if you’re like me – there’s nothing like having someone sit with you and work on your own website.

WordCamp Miami 2016

Our classes are designed to be hands on, lab-style.  Our students will bring their own machines and log into their own Facebook Pages with me right there in the room guiding them each step of the way.  Our first classes will be held later this summer.  Click here to join our waitlist and receive a discount on your first class.

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Four Types of Facebook Posts – and How to Use Them

Four Types of Facebook Posts – and How to Use Them

This post is part of our Reluctant Social Media Manager series, support for those of us who want measurable social media results with the least amount of effort.


We all know engagement on Facebook is almost a requirement for any online businesses.  There are millions of daily active users on Facebook, and the ability to engage and connect with your audience on Facebook is so simple it’s scary.  Have you ever seen a Facebook Business page or group that posts constantly but the engagement is non existent?  Posts that get less than 10 likes, or no shares, or no comments?   That business is putting in the work but they aren’t getting the results.  Today we’re going to outline the 4 main types of blog posts that provide engagement that matters.  Here at Design Theory, we thrive on results, and we can get those results by working smarter instead of harder – that’s even better.  Let’s go….

  1. Share Articles – Let’s started with the easiest form of Facebook posts, sharing content from other sources.  Even though this sounds simple, the key here is sharing content that appeals to your audience.  Choose a few content leaders and articles within your industry that will resonate with your audience.  Did you know, and articles with shock value work well in this space.  Here’s an example, we have a client that sells natural hair and skin care.  We recommended that they share articles like “10 reasons why your Lotion isn’t safe”.  An easy way to do this is to utilize tools like Buffer or DrumUp.  Buffer allows you to schedule almost any article or image to be posted to your Facebook page, and it’s free!  DrumUp is another free tool that automatically gather content for you based on the keyword you specify.  The free version allows you to read and schedule your posts.
  2. Engagement Posts – These posts take a little more time, and rely on meme’s and images to capture attention.  Here are some examples of engagement posts:
    • Tag a friend who….
    • Polls or Surveys
    • This or That using images
    • What’s your favorite brand/thing about this/thing to do when…
    • Note:  Captivating images work best here, try and find attention grabbing images.  They don’t have to directly relate to your post, it can be a tangential relation (i.e. an image of a melted ice cream cone, with a post reading “What do you do when…”).  There are plenty of free image websites that can give you the content for your posts.  Try sites like PicJumbo,  and Pixabay to get some awesome images for your posts.
  3. Sales Posts – These posts highlight a specific product and sales price with a clear call to action.  Utilize a link directly to your MailChimp or Infusionsoft account, or directly to your shopping cart.  Pictures or videos should ALWAYS accompany these types of posts.  These are also great candidates for Facebook boosted posts or ads.  We’ll talk in a future post about frequency, but for now sale posts should be the LEAST used type of post on your Facebook page or group.
  4. Original Content – And finally we get to the most time intensive type of post, but arguably the most effective.  Original content allows your audience to know you, know your brand, and make a lifetime connection.  Behind the scenes images and videos (using Facebook Live) are awesome ways to create original content without having to spend a lot of time or money on ads.  Provide your fans with value by giving them information, statistics on things important to them, insight on how you have positively impacted your community or client base with your product or services.  Lastly, provide lots selfies or images that represent your business, product, or service.

Remember that balance between these 4 strategies is key to success.  Don’t forget to respond, reply, and engage – and most importantly BE CONSISTENT.   After reading this blueprint – what actions are you going to take now to promote your Facebook Page Business?  Let us know on our Facebook page, we’ll like your business page AND follow up with you as an accountability partner.

Speaker Slides – WordCamp Miami 2016

Guys, this weekend has been amazing on so many levels.  We love going to WordCamp; there’s something about being in a concentrated area with all of this creative, strategic energy that is awesome.  But the stand

Can you find me on the speaker list?

Can you find me on the speaker list?

out for me this weekend has been KidsCamp.  This year we brought our kids along and within 2 hours they have become addicted to blogging.  As a parent nothing excites me more than watching them try to figure out what they want to say, how they want it to look, watching them create.  It was beautiful, really – if there’s a KidsCamp attached to a WordCamp near you, and you have children – don’t miss it.  Totally worth it.

But the real reason for this quick post is to provide my speaker slides from my lightning talk.  Within these slides is the secret to unlocking the magic of Facebook ads and making millions!  No, not really this is just a high level talk about why Facebook Ads give the most bang for your buck. This talk also covers how you can target your ads to show up on the feeds of people who have visited your website, your competitors website, or many other options.  Enjoy!