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With the use of a robust Content Management System that is WordPress, we’re able to create custom web sites to fit the uniqueness and personalities of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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There are a lot of elements that go into designing and building a website before the first piece of code is even written. It is important for us to get to know you as a person or business. Understanding your products, services and industry are one of our Design Theories. Sure we know the web, but with your knowledge we can put together some great options and elements to really make your website unique and functional and a great experience for your online audience.

Custom Design

We’ll create a unique experience while still crafting a smooth user interface for your online visitors and customers to find what they are looking quickly and efficiently.

eCommerce Solutions

Need to sell physical or digital products from your website? There’s a lot to know, from merchant services, SSL Certificates, shipping, inventory and more. We’ll help get your web store configured.

Safe And Secure

We have applications and programs in place to monitor the health of our client sites around the clock. We also have contingency plans at the ready should something unfortunate happen to keep business continuity.

Make the Right Investment Into Your Business

Our customers actually are our partners. We’re invested in their success, and believe that breeds more success. Our time, efforts, and talents go into all of our projects with planned goals and achievements. Building a website may not take long, but the true work begins once it is launched. Learn more about our process by seeing some of our work, our publications, or just contact us.

Professional Client Care & Service

We take pride in the amount of care we have for our clients and their continued success
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Website Software &
Included Features

Website Development & Managed Hosting

We partner with some of the best developers in the industry. Having ongoing relationships with them and their software allows us to provide our clients with robust software and features that not only save you money, but eleviate the technical work that you don’t need to bogging you down. 

Our Process & Brand Strategy

Starting with a Discovery Call/Meeting, we get to learn more about you, and your business. Understanding your value propositions, most valuable products and services, and unique approach to market. With over 14 years of experience, we’re confident to produce a great looking website with the functionality that will save you time, money, and lead to successful growth.

Website Framework/Theme

We partner with Elegant Themes and use the Divi framework to build custom websites. Having a longstanding relationship for ongoing support, updates, and enhancements provided to all of our client installations keeps all of our websites running smooth, efficient, and worry free.

Get a quote » Starts from $3,000

Security & Threat Prevention

It’s important to have active software and optimal security settings to help prevent against brute force attacks, malware injections, and other dangers that could negatively impact your website

Included » With Managed Hosting

Website Support

Having Design Theory as your first point of call for support makes situations frictionless and worry-free.

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Third Party Applications

Whether it’s leveraging Zoom, a Learning Management System, Calendly, Zapier, or other applications, we can set up and configure your settings to make things work and save you the hassle.

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Analytics & Data

Our approach is to use data to help make the best approach and strategy for marketing and advertising. Having analytics installed on our client sites and the means to explain back to you what data points really matter is how we can create effective campaigns.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand mission and goals need to be defined and a plan in place to effectively achieve them. It may be through interative phases or through defined tasks and milestones that lead to preset goals. 

Get a quote » Starts from $200/hour

Logo Design

Every business needs a graphic identity. Let us help you conceptualize a new logo or learn what elements you’re thinking of to help us materialize it.

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Online Forms

Whether its for purchasing, registration, or any other type of form, we can create custom forms with various input options and conditional logic to make for truly effective and intuitive experiences for your customers.

Included » With Managed Hosting

Email Accounts

Get email addresses to your own domain. No additional fees or cost for domains and websites managed and hosted by us. 

Included » With Managed Hosting

Help & Resources

We’ve got a lot of step by step materials and videos that are short and give you the information you need to carry out easy tasks like updating text and images on your website any time you want without needing us to get involved. 

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