About Design Theory
& Our Creatives

Who We Are and the Passions That Drive Us


The reason why we’re in business is simply because we want to see people succeed. Back in 2008 when Design Theory started, we found that there were things we knew about publishing creative design and effective functioning software to make web sites digital media. Our target base is small businesses (organizations of 20 or less people) and solo-entrepreneurs (people who have taken a hobby to the marketplace on their own). We relate to these types because we are also part of that community.


Over the years we’ve learned a lot in many areas of the interwebs, creative design, and strategic business initiatives for growth. Because we have this knowledge from working with many individuals as well as real world experiences, we can offer all of that knowledge to you to help grow your business.

Jean Perpillant

Jean Perpillant

Co-Owner | Brand Strategist

I started Design Theory in late 2008. With my background in IT, web design is a wonderful way to unleash my creativity. There’s a great sense of fulfillment when a client project is done and they’re happy with the end product.  Incorporating photography into our services has been a passion of mine.  Managing the team that we have is not only fun but a blessing. Pheonetically prounouncing my name is “SZ-Ahhh-N”

Nicole Perpilant

Nicole Perpilant

Co-Owner| Business Strategist

I’m Nicole Perpillant, a dedicated wife and mother of 3. Professionally my background is Engineering, Quality Management, and Information Technology – most recently as a Data Security Analyst for a Fortune 100 company in the Insurance & Financial industry. My corporate management history has provided me experience in many areas, specifically coaching & development, process improvement, project management, recruiting & on-boarding. At Design Theory, I lend my skills to strategy and operations.

Alexia Richardson

Alexia Richardson

Account Manager

Alexia has always been passionate about the care of others and exemplifies that in her roles of wife, mother, friend and educator to name a few. As our Account Manager and as a Graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Family and Child Sciences and a Minor in Biology; Alexia comes to us with plenty of experience supporting teams, has an appreciable eye for detail, a collaborative spirit and a passion for checklists, and combining all of that and more this makes for a joyful addition to the Design Theory team. 

It’s All About Relationships

The reason we’ve been in business for so long and still have our first clients active with us to this day along with the newer ones we’ve brought into our family is all due to our values and importance to establishing and building great business relationships. Every organization or business will go through growing pains and our job is to help you navigate that with the skills, experience, and knowledge we have developed over years and through many industries. If you don’t have a working relationship with your current agency, give us a call or schedule a meeting to learn more about our process.

Golf Tips Logo

“I had the honor of getting to know Jean Perpillant, owner of Design Theory over the last few years. I found his professionalism both behind and infront of the camera outstanding. In a recent photo shoot for Golf Tips Magazine, the participants made a point of acknowledging the ease of working with Jean, and eagerly look forward to the next time. Thank you for exceeding our video & photography needs.”

Ted J. Odorico
Golf Tips Magazine