• Grow your online brand awareness
  • Effectively engage with your audience
  • Measure your efforts in various social platforms
  • Optimize your online profiles
  • Create leads with a custom funnel strategy

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There are several ways we can help you grow your brand awareness and reach your target audience. 

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There are things you know about your business and industry that the average consumer of your products and services would not know. But the thing is, they’re actively searching for answers, how-to’s, instructions, and other forms of content that you should be providing on your website to provide value to potential customers and clients. 

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There’s several different social media platforms, and each of them have millions of active users each day. Which is right for you? How should you get started? What should you post? How often do you need to post? We’ll help you create a strategy plan for the ideal platforms you need to be on based on the clients you want to target. 

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One great thing about creating content is being able to leverage that content in different ways and on different platforms. Because different people consume content differently and source information in different ways, by creating a single piece of content and dissecting it for podcasts, blog posts, white papers, instagram posts, and more you’ll be active and more consistent with your publishing deliveries.

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If you’re already familiar with how effective your content can be for your audience but need a plan for implementation and best use cases for optimization, we have monthly accountability plans to help. We also include tracking documentation to see historically what worked and where can we help make improvements going forward. Ready to do ads on Facebook? Let’s talk about that too!

Get A Free Digital Strategy Starter Guide

Perfect if you’re not sure how or where to start. With these tips and guides for Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, you’ll be able to start posting today. 

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Easy Digital Marketing Strategies

Check out some really easy to use but highly effecting marketing tips and strategies you can start using today!

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SWOT Analysis

If you have a business, you need to have performed a SWOT Analysis. In these quick slides you’ll uncover and consider your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

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What Are Website Landing Pages

You may have heard about Landing Pages often enough, there are some things you should know about them if you are not yet using them on your website, or if you’re not sure about ways to effectively use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy and paste my content to multiple platforms?

While you can duplicate your content on multiple platforms, it’s ideal to make each post optimized for the consumption on the relative platform. For example, you create a blog post on your website, instead of copying and pasting it exactly to Linked In; create a post on Linked In with a summary of your full article and inform your readers on that platform to read more on this topic on your website. You’re still providing value or answering a question but giving it in short form, meanwhile satisfying those that would like the long form content to pursue that on your website where they are likely to find additional content and may even become a new lead. 

What social media platform should I be on?

The simple answer to this question may be all of them. But if you don’t have time to create unique content for each, you should instead research which platform has a more engaging audience with intent on your industry or interest. By creating value that is hyper focused, you’ll be able to grow an audience on one platform and be known well for that. In the near future you can branch off into other platforms when you’re ready. In the meantime, secure all of the platforms with your business/brand name as placeholders and direct people who may find you there to your main social channel to engage. 

How can I tell what content is working?

Whether it’s your website, Instagram, Facebook, or another social network, each has some form of metrics, insights, or analytics that is provided to you to measure your engagement and reach. Starting with your website, you should be using the free offering of Analytics by Google. They offer a ton of data from page visit counts to demographics of your users. 

How often should I be creating content?

This is a loaded question and is hard to generalize for all business owners, but a good strategy to follow would be to create at least 1-3 great pieces of content per week and distribute them uniquely to all of your social channels. We’ve learned that blog posts for example should consist of 2500 words at minimum for Google’s algorithm to rank your content. If your business produces visual arts, you should be creating upwards of 10-20 pieces of content per day on Instagram natively and to IG Stories in order to gain more followers and a steady consuming community. 


“Jean is amazing with his strategy ideas! It seems effortless for him and we appreciate the dedication.” Ben C.

“I had no idea where I should start with promoting my company online and with Nicole’s help, I started to get more customers and got understanding on how effective Facebook Ads can be.” Susan G.

“I didn’t have time to research and try and understand everything about social media. Especially when it seems to change so often. I just trusted Jean with his strategies and I’m able to focus on my business.” Alex W.