Preferred Services

We’ve been in business within many digital spaces since before 2008. Throughout that time we have been in your place as a new consumer, looking for products and services to aid my business. The list of businesses below are ones that we have worked with for years as well as are partners with us. So we trust them and in turn they provided us with affiliate links that you can use to start new accounts with.

Resources Logo - SiteGround

SiteGround | Hosting Provider

For hosting your WordPress website, we highly recommend SiteGround for many reasons. Their hosting packages are priced competitively, but their server resources and reliability are one of the best we have experienced for the 4+ years we’ve been with them. 

Resources Logo - BlueHost

BlueHost - Hosting Provider

If you’re just getting started with a new WordPress website, BlueHost is a great hosting provider to use. They’re very active in the WordPress community through meetups, conferences, and social media. We have accounts with them for over four years and have had great service and support. 

Resources Logo - Square

Square | Merchant Services

I couldn’t list all of the amazing features that Square offers with their merchant services. From POS systems, CRM management, Coupons, Payment Financing options, Reoccurring billing, and so much more. Their online dashboard to get a snapshot of your businesses financial performance is robust and their service is top notch. 

Resources Logo - MailChimp

MailChimp | Email Marketing

Email marketing is still very much a necessity for every growing business. MailChimp offers just about every thing on their platform for free when you have a mailng list that is short of 2k users. Email automation, beautifully designed email templates, integrations with many third party solutions like Zapier, WordPress, and more. 

How to iMac Graphic

How To Videos

Check out our How To page that has many instructional videos on how to perform some common functions on your website.

Resources Logo - Dropbox

Dropbox | Cloud Storage

Sharing and saving files online and having access to them on your mobile devices and on the go is increasingly a necessity. Dropbox makes that easier to access and even share documents online. Their package offerings are competitive with other service offerings in the same space.