Boost Sales & Engagement

Powerful SMS Text Messaging

Reach your customers directly on their phones, their most-used device.

Why Text Messaging?

Unmatched Open Rates

Over 98% of text messages are opened within minutes, compared to just 20% for emails.

Boost Sales & Conversions

SMS marketing campaigns average a 209% return on investment (ROI).

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive text messages report higher satisfaction and are more likely to repeat business.

Seamless Setup

We’ll get you started with a user-friendly platform, import your existing contacts, and ensure everything is running smoothly.

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Our SMS Marketing Services

Seamless Setup

We provide a hassle-free setup to get your SMS marketing campaigns up and running quickly. From importing your existing contacts to configuring your platform, we handle it all.

You control your account. Always.

One on one setup call to get you up and running ASAP. 


Automated Welcome Series

Engage new subscribers with a personalized welcome message. Our automated series helps you introduce your brand and build a strong first impression.

We’ll craft an engaging and unique welcome series for your new subscribers. You can include videos, links, polls, and many other features.


Can I try out the system?

Yes you can!  Text “SMS” to (205) 973-2987 for a quick demo of all the ways you can use SMS Advertising to boost your sales and connect with your audience.

What is included in the $250 setup fee?
The $250 setup fee includes a personalized walk-through of the SimpleTexting platform, a custom-crafted welcome text message series specific to your brand, and the setup and importation of your existing contact list by our team within two business days after the call.
How do I get started with the SMS Text advertising setup service?
To get started, visit our website at, pay the $250 setup fee, and submit the form provided. You will then be able to schedule a time for a walk-through session with Nicole.
What platform do you use for SMS Text advertising?
We use SimpleTexting, a user-friendly platform that allows for efficient and effective SMS Text advertising.
What happens during the walk-through session?
During the walk-through session, Nicole will guide you through the setup process, explain different options available on the SimpleTexting platform, and craft a personalized welcome text message series specific to your brand.
How long does it take to set up my SMS messages after the call?
After the walk-through session, it will take our team two business days to set up your SMS messages and import your existing contact list.
Can I customize my welcome text message series?
Yes, the welcome text message series is tailored specifically to your brand. Nicole will work with you during the call to ensure it aligns with your brand’s voice and message.
What if I need help after the initial setup?
We are here to support you even after the initial setup. You can reach out to our team for any additional assistance or questions you may have regarding your SMS Text advertising at
What kind of businesses can benefit from this service?
Any business looking to enhance its communication with customers through SMS Text advertising can benefit from this service. It’s particularly effective for businesses aiming to increase engagement, promote offers, and provide timely updates to their audience.
How do I import my existing contact list?
During the walk-through session, Nicole will guide you on how to prepare your contact list for import. Our team will then handle the actual import process within two business days after the call.
Are there any ongoing costs associated with using SimpleTexting?
Yes, while the $250 fee covers the setup, SimpleTexting has its own pricing plans for ongoing usage, which vary based on the number of messages you send each month. You will need to subscribe to one of their plans for continued service.

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Want to Test it Yourself?

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What Other Clients Say

Shalandria Jones

Manager, Office of Student Life at Lone Star College

I have had a phenomenal experience since switching over to SimpleTexting. My students receive quality communication, and I’m able to communicate directly back to them individually.

Drew Shane

Owner, Shane Enterprises

SimpleTexting has accelerated my business growth 10X! I am a fan of the user interface, the live chat support, the ability to organize my contacts into separate lists.