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PCPI Services is dedicated to safeguarding the sanctity of homes and businesses, providing exceptional quality for services including mold remediation, reconstruction and emergency services.

The Challenge:

With nearly two dozen years in business PCPI Services faced the challenge of reaching and connecting with potential clients due to a minimal website and variable online presence. With businesses and property owners turning to the internet to find maintenance and improvement solutions, the need for a strong digital presence became apparent.

Our Custom Solutions:

Understanding the unique needs of PCPI Services and its clients, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance the company’s online presence and reach. Our goal was to create a mobile-friendly website that not only showcased PCPI Services’ expertise but also provided an intuitive user experience for potential clients.

Key Features:

1. Interactive Service Map: Their website features an interactive map that allows users to explore the areas PCPI served throughout the country. Users can easily click on their region or move the map to view where PCPI Services has impacted communities by restoring businesses and their facilities.
2. Custom Video Content: We produced a custom promotional video to highlight PCPI Services’ range of services and the quality of their work. This video gives a clear explanation of their incredible capabilities and an immersive representation of the services offered and results they can expect.
3. Mobile-Friendly Website: Design Theory developed a 5-page mobile-friendly website that provides essential information about PCPI Services, including services, portfolio, and contact information. The website is designed to be easy to navigate on any device, ensuring a seamless user experience for potential clients.
4. Google My Business: Design Theory worked with PCPI Services to clean up multiple Google business listings, consolidating their online presence. This allows for the tracking of data points and the all-too-neglected practice of requesting Google reviews for social proof.

By implementing these custom solutions, Design Theory able to significantly enhance PCPI Services’ digital presence and reach, making it easier for various businesses to access high-quality maintenance and restoration solutions for their properties.


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May 7, 2024

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