Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling

Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling

Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling is a family owned small business with decades of history on two continents.

The Challenge

Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling, a reputable business in the HVAC industry, faced an unexpected and daunting challenge. They had previously collaborated with a different design agency to establish their online presence. However, after a prolonged period of no communication from the agency, the worst-case scenario occurred: their entire website vanished. This not only disrupted their online visibility but also affected their customer interactions, inability to reach out for customer support, and potential new business opportunities.

Our Custom Solution

We understand the importance of a business’s online presence and the urgency of restoring it. Here’s how we tackled the challenge:

  • Immediate Response: Recognizing the urgency, we swiftly set up a temporary landing page. This ensured that ongoing visitors and customers of Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling were informed about the ongoing website reconstruction. Additionally, we incorporated a support request form, allowing customers to reach out for services during the interim.
  • Archived Content Retrieval: Our team delved into extensive research and was able to source some of the lost content from archives. This was a crucial step in ensuring that the essence and brand identity of Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling remained intact in the rebuilt website.
  • Rapid Rebuild: Leveraging our expertise and resources, we managed to reconstruct the entire website in under two weeks. This swift turnaround minimized the potential business disruptions for Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling.

Key Features

  1. Custom Web Forms: Recognizing the diverse needs of HVAC customers, we integrated custom web forms tailored for specific service request types. This streamlined the customer request process and allowed Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling to respond more efficiently.
  2. Responsive Design: In today’s digital age, users access websites from a myriad of devices. We ensured that the new website was fully responsive, providing a seamless experience whether accessed from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  3. Google Analytics 4 Integration: To prepare this client for their future digital marketing endeavors, we installed and configured Google Analytics 4. This will empower them to make data-driven decisions based on visitor metrics, optimizing their marketing strategies.

The unexpected loss of Ugo Digrazia Heating & Cooling’s website was undoubtedly a setback. However, with our expertise and commitment, we not only restored their online presence but also enhanced it, setting them up for future success.

Your Hometown Handyman

Your Hometown Handyman

Your Hometown Handyman is a premier handyman service located in the heart of Brevard County, Central Florida. Owned and operated by Ian, a highly skilled professional with years of experience, the business has carved a niche for itself by offering unparalleled services to the local community.

The Challenge:

Despite having a strong local reputation, Your Hometown Handyman lacked a digital presence that truly reflected the quality and breadth of services offered. The challenge was to design a website that not only showcased Ian’s expertise but also provided an intuitive user experience for potential clients to understand the range of services available based on specific rooms in their homes.

Our Custom Solutions:

Our approach took a holistic understanding from the client and the target customers to understand the unique needs of this new website would adequately provide resources to. The result was a website that was both functional, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive Home Map: This innovative feature allows users to select rooms within their home on a virtual map. Upon selection, the website dynamically displays the services available for that specific room. This not only provides clarity but also helps potential clients visualize the solutions they might need.
  2. Google Reviews Integration: Trust is paramount in the handyman industry. By showcasing recent Google Reviews directly on the website, new visitors can immediately gauge the quality of service and the trustworthiness of Your Hometown Handyman.
  3. Before and After Gallery: A picture speaks a thousand words. The website features a gallery of recent projects, complete with before and after photos. This not only showcases the transformative power of Ian’s work but also provides potential clients with tangible examples of what can be achieved.
  4. Featured Videos: We filmed, edited, and published custom promotional videos that give a brief view of the brand, the owner Ian, and his professionalism. These videos can be used not just on the website but also in digital marketing projects.
InsurIt – A Small Insurance Agency in Orlando, FL

InsurIt – A Small Insurance Agency in Orlando, FL

We’re happy to have produced this website redesign. Now having a much easier navigation for insurance product offerings that are available to the customers in the area and state, as well as brand colors that better match both industry and the InsurIt brand. We will also be implementing SEO services that will optimize the on page content, website performance, and off-site search engine optimizations to boost the visibility and reach of InsurIt.

Elan Consulting Firm

Elan Consulting Firm

This project was a quick and small project for a Leadership & Coaching and Consulting professional. With years of experience and a continually growing list of successful clientele, the purpose of this website was mainly to have a web presence and be informational with what the core offerings and services were.

Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce

Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce

This local chamber of commerce needed to improve their web presence as part of their benefits for attracting new members. Their first website was created in Wix and unfortunately we were unable to export or download a lot of their content. This current iteration of their website is actually a fresh design from early first quarter of 2019. They now have the improved ability to register members online, promote and feature networking and community events, and also a members only area with community functions like direct messages, group chats, friend requests, and so much more to bolster more networking among members and engagement.