4 FREE Gifts that we think you’ll enjoy!

4 FREE Gifts that we think you’ll enjoy!

It’s that time of year when giving is on many of our minds. These gifts are our way of saying thank you for your continued support and patronage.They include a popular resource from us, as well as great tools and apps that are all things we use ourselves. We hope you make great use of these and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

Starting in January we will be including some free items that we can’t wait to tell you about, but also can’t wait to hear back from you on how you’re using them and gaining more success with your business. 

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Content Creation Tools & Tips for 2020 #WCMIA

Content Creation Tools & Tips for 2020 #WCMIA

We all know that we have to constantly create content for our digital platforms. Whether that’s for our websites, blogs, or social sites, fresh content needs to be created on a regular basis. If you’re looking for tools to make it easier, faster, and give you more options than this is the slide deck for you!

Because I often get asked what tools we use, I figured why not put together a slide deck with our mostly used ones. Check out the deck below and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me @jpdesigntheory

Some Great Apps & Tools For Managing Your WordPress Site On The Go

If you’re like me, you’re almost always on your smartphone or have your device in a close reach. It’s not because I want to look busy all the time, but that there are a lot of things that are happening online from social media posts, website metrics, responses to blog posts, and content creation to name a few.

I came across this post from WPMU Dev that highlights quite a few of the apps and tools I use as well as a bunch more including:

  • Buffer
  • SimpleNote
  • PingDom
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp

Top Tools for Managing Your WordPress Site With Your Mobile Phone

by Brenda Barron

My WordPress Site Just Got Hacked

Probably a phrase that no one in the community ever wants to utter. I bet you’ll probably stop reading this post temporarily just to take a look at your website to ensure that it is still up and in-tact. Some of you may even clear your cache and refresh to be double sure. Does this type of thing happen often, yes! Does this happen to anyone or just you? If you’ve been hacked before it sure feels like it was just you out of the millions of active websites on the interwebs. You can’t feel too bad about it, it was probably bound to happen if you have never thought to make the necessary steps to keep your website secure.

So what do you do now that your staring at some ugly graphics and text that reconfirms the obvious that your website has been hacked? Check out this list of options below:

Contact Your Hosting Company

Inform them that your website has been compromised so that they may be able to take steps to isolate the problem to a specific server or files before it spills over into your neighbors yard. Most websites operate on shared servers. This means on any given server there could be multiple websites of all types sharing space. Kind of like the electrical box outside your house.

Protect Your Own Computer

Once you’ve learned that your website has in fact been hacked, trying to navigate around it may not be wise as files may be compromised. Clicking on links or images may unload spyware or malware to your local computer that may wreak havoc on your home/work network and systems.

Pull Up A Backup of Your Database or Website

This of course is considering you set a plan for backups to your website on some type of regular basis. We use a plugin called WordPress Database Backup from Austin Matzko, however that plugin hasn’t been updated in a while. So I’d suggest BackWPup by Inpsyde. There’s a host of options including backing up to your Dropbox account. You can also perform your own backups by heading over to the Tools section, then clicking on the Export option and saving that to your local computer. Now if you do have a backup, you’ll be using the same plugin for backing up (in some cases) and choosing the import feature, or using the native import feature through the Tools section in your WordPress dashboard.

Get A Fresh Copy of WordPress

Go to WordPress.org and get yourself a fresh copy of whatever current version is out at the moment. There are a few files however that you’re not going to want to alter as they will consist of vital data pertaining to your website.

  • wp-config.php (contains your database, host, password, and more)
  • wp-content (FOLDER) (this is where your themes and plugins are stored)

There are a few files that you should delete regardless if your site is new, hacked, or not:

  • wp-admin/install.php
  • wp-admin/install-helper.php
  • wp-admin/import.php
  • readme.html
  • wp-admin/upgrade.php
  • wp-admin/upgrade-functions.php

If you’re not sure, make a copy while your in your FTP to your server side and rename the parent folders to :whatevername.old” or “whateverfile.php.old”. This way when you upload new files you won’t overwrite the preserved ones and you’ll still have fresh files loaded where compromised ones may have been.

Change Your Database Password

This same password is listed in your WP-CONFIG.php file so you’ll need to go through your host control panel to edit your MySQL database to edit this. Once updated to something WAY more secure and different, edit the password in your wp-config.php file and re-upload that to your server. I shouldn’t stress that this shouldn’t be the same password as your Dashboard user login.

Speaking of users, be sure that you are NOT using the default “admin” account to login to your site. If so please create a new login with a better username like your nickname plus favorite 5 digit number, add in some spaces and a few capital letters while you’re at it. Brute force attacks on WordPress sites are common and over 90% of the time they are trying under the “admin” username.

Be sure you’re using the most udpated version of PHP. Could be 5.2 or 5.4. Check with your hosting company as well as your theme to be sure you’re where you need to be.

Login to WordPress and Check Around

See if there are any new users accounts (especially administrator ones) that you know shouldn’t be there. Update the passwords on the remaining ones you know are authorized. See if there are any new pages, posts, media files, etc that you know you didn’t load. Remove them too. If you did preserve some files or folders, you may have to reload your theme(s) and plugins. Not a big deal since you’ll easily be able to see them from your preserved files/folders.

Keep Up To Date

Be sure to keep in-step with security updates from WordPress. If you ever see a 3.x.x update, chances are is a vulnerability update and it will be an update to patch  something that someone from Automattic or the WordPress community has discovered. Also check in on your plugins and themes to see if they have updates. Most theme houses like Themeforest or WooThemes will contact you via email whenever there are updates pushed by the submitting developers. If not, take some steps to stay up to date on your own. Beware of some free themes you find on the net too. There usually is no accountability or liability should that theme go un-updated for months or years yet still be available as free. Or worse yet, repackaged and loaded on other sites as a free theme yet its now loaded with malware.

Install Preventative Security Plugins

While there are a host of plugins you can choose from, some free, some premium; GET SOME! I’m more of a fan of premium plugins from respectable developers versus free ones because truly, you get what you pay for. The level of responsibility from premium developers to ones just starting out is quite noticeable and to be respected. So what should you use? Here are some suggestions:

Better WP Security

WordFence Security (we also talked about this here)

BulletProof Security

XCloner – Backup and Restore

Have you had a site get hacked? Have more ways to prevent a site from getting hacked? Share in the comments below!


Some useful links and further tips:

Hardening WordPress


Promoting Your Business with Facebook Ads

There are over one billion people on Facebook.

Crowd of PeopleJust about everyone on the planet knows that Facebook has become the go-to media strategy for business promotion.  Using Facebook provides businesses one of the best opportunities on the Internet for targeted advertising. This is key because Facebook users provide pertinent information such as their age, gender, location and interests, which allows you direct access to target your audience. These Facebook ads can be used for lead generation, traditional brand advertising, and more all to promote your  business – FOR FREE!  Here are just a few ways to leverage Facebook advertisements for your business.

1st –  Know How It Works – When you run your ad or sponsored posts/stories you are charged for the number of impressions (CPM) or clicks it receives. The amount that you pay can be restricted by your daily or lifetime budget and there are no additional fees associated with running ads or sponsored stories on Facebook.  Facebook suggests you name your campaign, select your budget and set the time schedule for running your ad. When multiple ads are running in a campaign, Facebook automatically allocates more of your daily budget to higher performing ads. You can use the Ads Manager feature to monitor your campaigns performance, to measure its success and ultimately determine if you are spending your Facebook advertising $’s in the best way possible.

2nd –  Consider Psychographics vs. Demographics in the Setup – Psychographics study and measure attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions versus demographics, which provide quantitative data based on geography, age, gender and the like.  Psychographics give a true, life-like portrait of the targeted audience and consumer base for your individualized marketing purposes.  Facebook gathering this key information allows advertisers to target & pinpoint their audience in a very precise and henceforth successful way.
Leader & her team3rd – Always Use Effective, Eye-Catching Tools & Creative Options – We know that we “eat” with our eyes first.  What catches our attention through imagery certainly opens the door leading us to the relevant information. So smart use of imagery in your Facebook ad will make a significant impact on the success of the advertising and marketing campaign. And there are various forms of these eye-catching options to consider.

  • Infographics are a great way to grab the reader’s attention especially when you add imbedded links to your page to promote key information about a product or service being provided.
  • Video AdsFor those who prefer to watch than read, video ads are a great way to convey pertinent healthcare information or solicitations to the masses.  For example, there are sports companies like Nike that use ads like Nike’s Football: The Vapor Trail to create amazing & captivating video ads to entice their target audience and promote their products.
  • Job Opportunities – In need of more sales associates or another CPA for your growing accounting firm?  With over 1 billions people on Facebook, it is no brainer to use ad space to market career opportunities within your business.
  • Free Services & AppsNothing attracts new customers like the words FREE and even more so when they can actually obtain something.  What better way to entice a consumer than offering a limited service for free?  What about creating engagement via a free app offer as you lead consumers to your own website.  Use Facebook the way Facebook uses you – to get new subscribers i.e. new consumers.
  • Emotional Response Ads Emotions are one of the most powerful influences we have. Emotional Response Marketing & Advertising works wonders in the various forums such as healthcare because there are emotional attachments to health concerns, issues and supportive causes such as Shriner’s Hospital Love to the Rescue.
  • Hosted Event AdsEvents promoted on Facebook have a greater chance of success than any traditional marketing method. Business exhibitions and conferences, trainings, and career events can have a much higher participatory turnout when advertised through Facebook.

So are Facebook advertisements worthwhile for your business and particular industry?  Only you know who your general audience is comprised of.  But if there are more than 50% that you believe are online and use Social Media – than the answer is YES.  Especially if you look at the IMMENSE EXPOSURE opportunity versus the amount of money spent on the campaign.  Using Facebook creates unlimited opportunities to attain new customers, host successful  events and bring global awareness to your company’s product or service. Facebook Thumb Up