Blab Replay: A Novice Look at Snapchat

Blab Replay: A Novice Look at Snapchat

Earlier this week on Blab, we did our show talking about Snapchat at a really basic and superficial level. I’ll be honest I’ve only used it personally a few times in the last 6 months, and don’t know all there is to know about the application. So Bess and I figured we’d learn a little bit about it and discuss it on the show.

The main thing I’d like to mention though is this, there are many social media channels out there. While Snapchat is pretty popular of lately, that doesn’t mean it’s the main network for you to shift all of your focus on. You’re really going to want to think about where and why you’d use it, and the benefits that you’ll be making to your audience. Just below this video are some great links to read to learn more about it and some ideal use cases. Be sure to share and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Show Notes:

Snapchat Features You Didn’t Know Existed (Or Just Didn’t Know How to Use)

Snapchat Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Check out your Snapchat Analytics

Blab Replay: Social Media Tips & Tools for the Trade

This week’s Blab was a rapid fire one! We dished out a bunch of apps, websites, tips, and tools for social media, engagement, websites and more. When I think back at it, it really was a LOT!

The objective at the beginning of any year is to do more and do better. With that be sure to try out some of the tools and tips mentioned in this replay. And if you do try some of these out be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lastly be sure to scroll past the video to see the show notes!

Show Notes:

If This Than That A free tool for automating functions for when you do or post something, a function happens as a result.

Hot Jar A “freemium” website analytic tool to see what your visitors are reading on your website with heat maps and more.

OneShot For highlighting screenshots and quickly sharing to Twitter (iOS only)

Typosaurus Get ahead of your spelling typos

Wedgies Polling made simple

WorldPackers Find unique places around the world where you can exchange your skills for accommodation.

Namechk To see what social media profiles are available for a name or profile you’re thinking of starting.

Buffer App A better way to share on social media

Blab Replay: Could This Be the Year of the Influencers?

Blab Replay: Could This Be the Year of the Influencers?

For the past few weeks I’ve been really thinking on the impact of influencers when it comes to social media. Some of the ones I follow like RC Concepcion, Daniel Ruyter, and of course Bess Auer. I’ve been paying attention to the sponsored ads that show up on my Instagram feed as well as on Facebook. Let me say this, Facebook’s retargeting tactics are fantastic! For you marketers out there, those of you that are using this should be winning!

Still what gets my attention among all the noise are ads and videos I see from people I know on a more personal level than the famed celebrity endorsed ads. The reason why for me is rather simple, it’s that I resonate with them more than I do with celebrities. If anything, I can see right through an ad on TV that has a celebrity endorsing them for what it really is, before I even give it a chance to speak to me about the product or service. Whereas something by an influencer that I follow will make me stop, watch, and listen, and in some cases even buy.

Watch this replay as we cover a lot of ins-and-outs of brand influencers for how they’re going to make a huge impact this year, and also all the things you need to know if you’re looking to work with or become an sponsored influencer.

Blab Replay: Could This Be the Year of the Influencers?

Blab Replay: Creating and using a WordPress Multisite

A few weeks ago before Thanksgiving, Bess Auer and I hosted another Blab with a special guest: Taylor McCaslin. He recently did a presentation at WordCamp Orlando about WordPress Multisites and it was fantastic.

In this video, Taylor gives you some of the basics on Multisites, how to set them up, answers hosting questions, use cases and more. Now for some reason his video doesn’t show, but the audio was normal.

View the replay here:

Blab Replay: Could This Be the Year of the Influencers?

How to Embed Your Blab on Your Website

Hello all, I wanted to share this quick video on how to get the embed code to be able to show your live Blab show on your website or post. If you’re not familiar with Blab, it is a live forum for up to four people to using video to discuss a subject while using Twitter on the right to chat and engage. It’s really new and really cool. I’ve been on a few Blab as a participant over the past few weeks, and each Tuesday I am on with Bess Auer of Gotta Get Blogging for what we call #BlogTalkTuesday, where we discuss all things trending in social media, marketing, events, and more. Here is a link to our next show.