Blab Replays: How to Increase Your Authority as an Expert and Professional

Blab Replays: How to Increase Your Authority as an Expert and Professional

This week we’re back with another new Blab! This was such a good talk that I don’t even want to spend a lot of time explaining it, I really want you to just watch. In short we talk about how being a professional we don’t take out enough time to go back and inform our clients and audience that we actually have other skills, traits, or services that we can offer among our main ones that everyone knows us for.

We talk about ways to get the word out about the extra skills we have through means of email lists, videos, and social media. But not in a bragging way, but informative. Check it out and add your thoughts to us on Twitter or the comments below.

Blab Replays: Ditching Emails and New Changes in Facebook

Blab Replays: Ditching Emails and New Changes in Facebook

This week we have a fun replay for you. Have you ever thought about completely opting out of using emails? Before you go wondering, imagine how much you use one or two social networks. And if you could move your clients and contacts to one of those networks that they already enjoy using or at least use rather frequently throughout the day, how nice would it be to switch your point of contacts to that network?

Well, that’s what Bess is trying out. We talk about that, changes to Facebook that include direct messages from Fan/Business pages to followers, the updated Like button responses and more.

Blab Replays: Work, Life, Health, & Social Media Balance

Blab Replays: Work, Life, Health, & Social Media Balance

This week’s topic was on the honest and transparent side for us I would say. Typically how we manage our lives can be seen through curated material in our social media channels and streams. But how we’re juggling all of that is more of a mystery than glitz, ease, and glamour.

In this replay we talk about how we manage our days, apps that we use, best practices, and also provide some health tips. Be sure to add your comments below if you’d like to add to the conversation.

Blab Replays: Ditching Emails and New Changes in Facebook

Blab Replays: Time Saving Apps for Blogging and Social Media

Hey everyone! Back with another replay. This time Bess and I were talking about some time-saving apps that we use everyday. We also had some guests jump on and discuss some apps that they use also. On top of all that, there were a bunch of app suggestions by viewers in the chat room as well.

While the show was fantastic and full in great tips, there’s too much to type. So I highly suggest you watch the replay and have a pen and paper ready to write down the app suggestions. A lot of the suggestions were for free apps, and some freemium (meaning free options, then a paid model for more features). Check it out and let me know what you think!

Blab Replay: Social Media Tips & Tools for the Trade

This week’s Blab was a rapid fire one! We dished out a bunch of apps, websites, tips, and tools for social media, engagement, websites and more. When I think back at it, it really was a LOT!

The objective at the beginning of any year is to do more and do better. With that be sure to try out some of the tools and tips mentioned in this replay. And if you do try some of these out be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lastly be sure to scroll past the video to see the show notes!

Show Notes:

If This Than That A free tool for automating functions for when you do or post something, a function happens as a result.

Hot Jar A “freemium” website analytic tool to see what your visitors are reading on your website with heat maps and more.

OneShot For highlighting screenshots and quickly sharing to Twitter (iOS only)

Typosaurus Get ahead of your spelling typos

Wedgies Polling made simple

WorldPackers Find unique places around the world where you can exchange your skills for accommodation.

Namechk To see what social media profiles are available for a name or profile you’re thinking of starting.

Buffer App A better way to share on social media