For the past few weeks I’ve been really thinking on the impact of influencers when it comes to social media. Some of the ones I follow like RC Concepcion, Daniel Ruyter, and of course Bess Auer. I’ve been paying attention to the sponsored ads that show up on my Instagram feed as well as on Facebook. Let me say this, Facebook’s retargeting tactics are fantastic! For you marketers out there, those of you that are using this should be winning!

Still what gets my attention among all the noise are ads and videos I see from people I know on a more personal level than the famed celebrity endorsed ads. The reason why for me is rather simple, it’s that I resonate with them more than I do with celebrities. If anything, I can see right through an ad on TV that has a celebrity endorsing them for what it really is, before I even give it a chance to speak to me about the product or service. Whereas something by an influencer that I follow will make me stop, watch, and listen, and in some cases even buy.

Watch this replay as we cover a lot of ins-and-outs of brand influencers for how they’re going to make a huge impact this year, and also all the things you need to know if you’re looking to work with or become an sponsored influencer.