PODCAST & VIDEO REPLAY: How Your Content Strategy Can Grow Your Business (on How I Built)

PODCAST & VIDEO REPLAY: How Your Content Strategy Can Grow Your Business (on How I Built)

How I Built This with Joe Casabona

Joe recently published this interview on YouTube from his podcast show that he invited me a few years ago. We talk about practical ways that business owners and entrepreneurs can create and publish content. The strategies we talk through are easy to understand and with the scenarios we talk through, you’ll see how you can directly copy and use them or alter them in a way that best suits your business. I don’t want to spoil it any further, so un-mute your speakers and let this play in the background but have your notebook or notepad handy because you’ll want to hit the pause button and write!

Oh and be sure to check out Joe’s website and offering for Free Coaching Calls

My Recent Podcast Interview on Hello Tech Pros

I was recently interviewed on a really well produced podcast called Hello Tech Pros. The creator is Chad Bostick, a fellow techie-guy as well as content creator of a 7 day a week podcast. That by itself is worth a second to imagine how much dedication one must have to have produce content like that on a daily basis.

The topic for me being on his show was for Motivation Monday, and I got really transparent with a pretty low experience I dealt with as a web designer. I spoke about what it felt like to be hacked, and continually hacked for about eight months of time relentlessly.

Listen in on the podcast to hear more about that story if you haven’t heard it from me personally. It’s worth your time I promise! And when you’re done visit the show notes page here for details.

Do-it-Yourself Business PR

public relationsWhen trying to market their products and/or services, most small businesses aren’t thinking about public relations.   But they should.  Regardless of size, profit margin, or number of employees, you must realize the image you portray is everything and is certainly what motivates consumers to select your business over your competition. Now that that is clear you might be asking…

  • What exactly is PR?
  • Why is it necessary for my business?
  • How do I start & maintain a good PR campaign cost effectively?

    Check out these free tips for a true, do-it-yourself road map to a successful PR campaign


The Basics

Let’s start by defining PR. Per Wikipedia PR is “managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public…[and] the aim of public relations by a company often is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, & other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about it, its leadership, products…”

Now consider what the best platforms are for your target audience. You can accomplish this by finding out how your customers or clients consume your content.  Is it in readable form (website, blogs or in print); audibly as an iTunes podcasts; or watching videos via a business YouTube channel?  Take a little time to figure that out and then get ready to leverage it (or all of them) like a PR/marketing maven!

Global MediumThe Bang for Your Buck by Blog

A blog is a great tool for sharing information and expertise. Having a consistent voice is important to teach consumers about your company’s perspective and interests. According to the the Social Skinny,

Getting Press

Having your business name out in the media, whether print or social, is a critical element to your image and of public relations strategy.   Some cost-effective options include distributing electronic newsletters via free or low-cost email service providers. Try partnering with other local businesses for limelight events and advertisements to boost your brand recognition.  Thanks to Forbes, here are some tips for starting & maintaining your media presence.

Rubbing Elbows

Participating in networking groups in a big part of getting your business local recognition.  Most SBA’s (Small Business Associations) don’t require much money to join and host networking functions regularly.  You can also network electronically by joining groups with similar interests through select social media channels liked LinkedIn. This is a great way to increase visibility while sitting right at your desk.  For those of you not shy with a microphone in your hand, consider being a key-note speaker for a business workshop.

Earbudding PREarbudding PR

Most people are on the go constantly and mobile devices have almost become an appendage.  So consider getting your audience’s attention on the go with the communication tool of podcasts.  Leveraging podcast technology allows you to get your business name and brand message out to potential customers. Make sure your Podcast is short – usually no more than 15 minutes and contains the most value-added content to keep your consumer engaged.  To get you started, check out these tips to successfully create your own business podcast.

Viral Video Marketing

Video marketing gone viral is the latest low/no-cost strategy for business to let the internet work for them. So if you or someone at your business is good at presenting, consider creating a YouTube brand channel.  This allows the ever-growing audience of YouTube and potential consumers to get to know you & your business on a more personal level.  Check out these tips on how to get started, get subscribers and run a successful video marketing campaign.

The Resource Table

Take time at least 2-3 times per month to peruse these great resources to stay abreast of PR tips and tricks.

PR Newswire: news distribution, targeting and monitoring     

Public Relations Society of America-The Strategists

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