PODCAST & VIDEO REPLAY: How Your Content Strategy Can Grow Your Business (on How I Built)

PODCAST & VIDEO REPLAY: How Your Content Strategy Can Grow Your Business (on How I Built)

How I Built This with Joe Casabona

Joe recently published this interview on YouTube from his podcast show that he invited me a few years ago. We talk about practical ways that business owners and entrepreneurs can create and publish content. The strategies we talk through are easy to understand and with the scenarios we talk through, you’ll see how you can directly copy and use them or alter them in a way that best suits your business. I don’t want to spoil it any further, so un-mute your speakers and let this play in the background but have your notebook or notepad handy because you’ll want to hit the pause button and write!

Oh and be sure to check out Joe’s website and offering for Free Coaching Calls

My Recent Podcast Interview on Hello Tech Pros

I was recently interviewed on a really well produced podcast called Hello Tech Pros. The creator is Chad Bostick, a fellow techie-guy as well as content creator of a 7 day a week podcast. That by itself is worth a second to imagine how much dedication one must have to have produce content like that on a daily basis.

The topic for me being on his show was for Motivation Monday, and I got really transparent with a pretty low experience I dealt with as a web designer. I spoke about what it felt like to be hacked, and continually hacked for about eight months of time relentlessly.

Listen in on the podcast to hear more about that story if you haven’t heard it from me personally. It’s worth your time I promise! And when you’re done visit the show notes page here for details.

New Podcasts Coming Soon!

New Podcasts Coming Soon!

We’re really excited to be working on another media project. This one being audio podcasts. In these podcasts we’ll be talking briefly on business strategy tactic, social media, and web design on a weekly basis. Because there’s so much information out there, we found it to be easier to let our clients and audience digest the things that will matter to them most and in a quick 15min podcast that gives you the points and then ways to take action.

Some of our podcasts will actually be Q&A’s submitted by you. You can ask us questions for things that you’re facing in your business and we’ll talk about them in the show. Chances are you’re not alone in the challenges you’re dealing.

While we’re working to launch you can visit our YouTube page and see some of the How-To videos and other videos we’ve posted.