Holiday ReceptionistYup it’s that time again. Time to get the fireplace ready, decorate the house with lights, and set your travel plans. All is good though if this is your slow season and you look forward to it. However, it’s also the perfect time to set things up to hit the ground running as soon as the new year kicks off.

Most businesses start ramping down efforts at the end of the year. Closing out books, updating bookkeeping, and the like maybe. As a designer you may not have too many new projects coming in. If you’re one of them keep reading. I’ve got some ideas for you to keep busy and productive if this will be your slow season.

Update Your Own Work

One of the things we always neglect, is our own work. Whether it’s our website, logo, business plan, chances are there are quite a bit of housekeeping items we need to get done that we’ve been putting off all year due to being busy. Why not take the time to revamp your work. If you haven’t been able to add some social media items to your website, schedule it in now.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Have you been wanting to learn more about javascript or HTML 5? Why not take some easy to follow classes with or your local university. Knowledge really is power. Especially when that knowledge can be traded for money. Lets face it, the more you know the faster you’ll be at your trade and the more money you can request for your skills.

Setup a Referral Program

I know I’ve talked about this before but it actually works. Start with people you already know like friends and family and ask them if they know anyone who may need the services you provide. Entice them offering a referral fee. $50 is usually good enough to wet anyone’s appetite.

Get Out There and Network

Everyone is hosting parties. Host one yourself and invite all your clients and their friends, or attend their parties and socialize with their clients and friends. Don’t push your business on anyone, but you can provide your card if asked for it. Being in the presence of your clients gives both of you memories and a sense of friendship outside of just the business relationship.

Do you have some tips on staying busy during the slow times of the holidays? Share with us in the comments below.