Still Photo Animation: Parallax Effect

Still Photo Animation: Parallax Effect

I have actually seen some of these types of “photo” over the last few years. When I did I thought it was video in either stop-motion or super slow motion clip. Come to find out it’s a process called Still Photo Animation. There are graphic designers and photographers producing this type of work on a commercial and consumer level all around. The video below features Joe Fellows as he shows and describes the software and techniques he uses when creating his animated photos.

This type of technique could be a great option to add to your portfolio as a photographer if you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competition. It does take some time, but could boost sales and prices for signature work by several hundred dollars. As you watch this video think of that comment below on how you’d add this to your photography services.

Photo Friday: Guayabera Photo Shoot

Here is a sample shot from a product photo shoot I did for a client a few months ago. It was for their new website to launch a clothing line of nostalgic yet fashionable high quality latin styled shirts and dresses. The intended location was supposed to be offsite of my home studio, but due to Florida weather that is never truly predictable plans changed. What you may not realize is that this photo was actually taken at my house. We staged the background and area lights so provide a good setting. The rest is what you see here.

For more be sure to check out the official website Guayabera Culture

Photo Friday: New Grandpa

For this week’s photo, I wanted to share one of the shots from a session I did for a good friend of mine when he last visited in Tampa, FL. This photo is of his Dad and the new Grandson of the family.

App Review: Photo+

We received an email from our friends at Wallpaper Wizard for a special deal on a new Mac OSX app called Photo+ from ArcSoft. If you do photography like we do, chances are you have quite a few applications that all do certain things very well. If on a Mac, you’re probably used to using the default Preview app. While great for single images, viewing multiple images in full, zooming, cropping, and such are a bit cumbersome and limited. With Photo+ however there are a host of great features to make showcasing a whole folder of images really easy and fast to display.

Photo+ (screenshot1)

Using your track pad or Magic Mouse you can easily slide left and right or hover over images to view them. Full images within large folders open quickly. As you can see you have plenty of controls to use to:

  • Easily start a slideshow
  • Navigate images
  • Delete images
  • Share to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr
  • Make photos favorites
  • Zoom
  • And my favorite is entering full screen while still being able to scroll and navigate images

Photo+ Screenshot 2

As you can see from this screenshot, you can easily crop out and copy to your clipboard, or save the image quickly.

Photo Plus (3)

Well take advantage of their Mac App Store introductory sale from $9.99 to .99Cents. Within a few seconds of purchasing it was downloaded and I was up and running with no fuss. Arcsoft does have some well documented tutorials should you need them, but looking at the icons they’re all pretty familiar if you already use most other photo editing programs.