Recently I decided to make my client photos available via Flickr and private Albums/Groups for my customers. The reason for doing this is so that I can have an online viewing location for my photography clients to easily view all of their photos from recent shoots or events, and then select the ones they like the best for their albums and other products.

It took a little playing around to figure out how to make it work with just a few steps, but overall I’d say it’s worth the effort on the photographer’s end to present a mass number of photos online without paying for storage or a monthly fee. One of the main benefits of Flickr is having about a Terabyte of space for free. Essentially you could just about use Flickr as a free online backup for your photos.

Flickr-Favorites-dropdownAnyways I created a short video on how to do just that. Once you’ve selected your favorite photos, you can view them all by hitting the drop down you’ll be taken to view your Favorite pictures. The video takes it up from there.