I keep reading headlines this week of Google Plus’ user gains in the millions. First 10 million, then 18 million and now about or over 20. While the numbers are impressive, what does this actually mean?

Well in first, I think it may mean that many people are thirsty for a new social media platform. Currently Facebook is pretty much the biggest social media site to date. We all know how and why and its accomplishments. Though one thing is for sure, they’re business model continues to improve and it has stood the test of a good few years. However there really isn’t anything too new that keeps that addictive hold it had a few years ago. With ways to block games, nuisance wall posts, ignoring friend requests, or not seeing certain friend posts in your stream. Sure the new video chat option mixed with Skype is new, but it’s not new to most of us.

Rapid gains and launch popularity. So we’ve seen great numbers of people flocking to join +. That’s great for a number of reasons. If you remember Google Wave, there were only a few invites out and it wasn’t necessarily open to everyone, and though it had cool options, it didn’t really make sense to use for more than curiosity. The fact that millions of users are already signed up with Google Plus means more people you know will be on there providing content and sharing.

Rumors about business pages and profiles soon to come. This is almost overdue as an option for G+. There were business profiles that popped up early after launch that were manually disabled by Google because they were not allowing them at the time. There are a few ones that survived the cut, Mashable (*edit: recently updated down to Pete Cashmore’s profile) being on of them. I imagine the business + profiles will be pretty close to Fanpages that Facebook currently offers. But here’s where it can get cool. Add Google Places and Analytics to a business Google Plus profile and you’ll have a serious 1UP for Google. I’m sure Adsense will have a roll in there somewhere too.

So what’s keeping you interested in Plus? Have you tried the Hangouts feature yet? Is it the clean interface that doesn’t yet sport ads that tickles your fancy? What’s the real staying power that will keep people using it over the next few months? Google hasn’t yet release their API yet for Plus, and it’s much awaited.  Imagine Hootsuite allowing you to publish to it from your dashboard. Speaking of dashboards, I can see WordPress plug-ins for plus in the near future too. Let me know what your opinions are so far so we can dialog.

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