Indeed!  A Meta Tag?  Sounds like some very technical lingo us mere mortals only know if we are in the “web biz” or subscribe to Wired magazine.  So here’s the answer…Meta Tags or Title Tags are HTML code or word tags which instruct the search engines,aka Yahoo, Google, etc., to “spider” your site. Ok here it is in my jargon without the MIT degree: keywords or descriptors that are in the background of your website which make the title of your business or what you do, easily searchable on the web…Ta Da!

Optimization: Ok what’s with the big words right? Web optimization is the process of making a website & its content as easily searchable as possible and the words used to describe your website effective.  Title Tags and/or Meta Tags (stop frowning-go back to paragraph one for a minute…see, all better) are very important for a consumer or other businesses to find your website within a certain number of search results. It’s like bronze to gold medal ranking in the WWO – you know…the worldwide web Olympics.  And honestly we all want the gold right?

So what’s the point to all this?  Meta Tags help the search engine match the keywords to a relevant page on your website each.  That’s why each webpage of your website needs to have customized Meta Tags that are optimized for specific keywords. Better tags, better results, more access to your website, more business, and the crescendo goes to…more money.  Yes, we love the last one.  So the point is to make your website work for you, literally.  I mean isn’t that the point of having one anyway?

*P.S. Meta Tags can be used in blogs or various other forms of Social Media too.