Hey everyone and Happy New Year! Well like most, I’m excited for the new year and new beginnings and strategies for my business. This week we continued on our topic from our last Blab Show were we discussed marketing tools, tips, and apps to use for 2016. Much like any other Blab we have, we somehow got in a cool segment talking about tech devices and how virtual reality and location beacons may be used to enhance the experience for visitors to theme parks and other places.

Check out the replay below to watch, and be sure to scroll under that to see some of the links to the apps and websites that were mentioned during the show and in the chat!

Show Notes:

Amazon Self Book Publishing

Voice Bunny – Professional Voice Over Artists

Voices.com – Professional Voice Over Artists

Fiverr – An inexpensive digital marketplace to get logos, videos, and so much more starting at $5.00

A great blog post by Professor Josh: What Will You Buy For Five Dollars On Fiverr?

Online work done by Freelancers: UpWork (Formally oDesk)

A new 360 Degree HD camera: GIROPTIC

A cool YouTube video with a 360 Degree camera

An article that talks about Google’s Smart Contact Lens

For location based deal & shopping app try ShopKick. I was able to save $10.00 on the spot using this free app at JC Penny very recently.

Text message your MailChimp subscribers to keep them updated during events using Gather from MailChimp.

Textcast: Another text messaging platform

How to Share Your Exact Physical Location With Family and Friends

(image credit: Pexels.com)