We all know that blogs have practically taken the place of television now-yes even “reality” TV is green with envy.  Every moment of every day someone is blogging.  It’s actually estimated that currently there are “about 450 million active English language blogs right now from when Technorati estimated over 200 million blogs at the start of 2009.  That’s some exponential growth and these numbers change every day as new blogs are started by the thousands (or tens of thousands) every day.”

So that’s a lot of people opining on every topic/issue and many, with a sharp business acumen and talented tapping tips (fingertips that is & suggestive ones too) that we can all learn or gleen from.  So today I pay homage to my fellow bloggers and thought you’d enjoy some of my picks for sound advice from some trendy and noteworthy fellow bloggers who I follow and are part of my Go-To sourcebook for information and inspiration.





For Bloggers By Bloggers





HBR Blog

The Blog Herald

Advertising Age  Young Entrepenuer

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