Website Attacks From China

Hacker graphicYou may have received a few web form submissions on your website that at first would seem like a bunch of HTML coding garbage with an email address and name that make absolutely no sense.

Spam message from China hackers

I did a bit of research and found out that these are from hackers in China. When I first started to receive them I just deleted them because the forms on our server are not stored on our server but instead are sent via email to our office. Eventually over the next few days I began receiving 5-10 form submissions every few hours each day. This can be terribly troublesome and alarming.

In order to combat this you’ll need to block the IP addresses from those rogue computers/hackers in China. Fortunately for the forms we currently use on our HTML website, the Country and IP addresses are provided. To block them you’ll need to create a HTACCESS file with instructions on blocking the IP addresses. I found this website to be quite informative with a host of IP addresses not only from China, but also other known Countries like Nigeria and Russia. I mean let’s be honest, we know we don’t have a fortune waiting for us in some Nigerian back just waiting to be transferred.

If you need help putting together your own htaccess file, leave us a comment below and we’ll get some details from you and send you one via email.

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