Pretty regularly I am asked about SEO, and my response is usually the same; I know a lot about it, but it’s a service that should be handled by a company who does that entirely. As a photographer and web designer, it’s part of my job to understand how SEO works on a basic and pragmatic level. However I am happy to introduce Rhett DeMille of PalmettoSoft.

What I like the most about Rhett is that he’s got the same approach to customer service as I do. In the way that taking time to explain how his process works, understanding the true needs of his clients, and proving his efforts with progress reports like the one below.

Palmetto Soft - Sample Report 1


Rhett DeMille has been working in the IT field the last 14 years, and PalmettoSoft, his current company, will turn 11 this May. In the earlier days, most his professional time was spent on web design projects and their associated customer support efforts. Fast forward to four hundred websites later; his company now specializes in Internet marketing where he leverages previous experience to create custom solutions which help businesses grow.

Rhett DeMille

Rhett also serves as the account manager for his clients so he can have a high level understanding of each account at all times. To further bolster this effort, his managers work through project management software with built in methodologies and business rules to always provide customers timely and professional service. Basically all projects and tasks are tracked and recorded to ensure the best client service available– all with a personal touch.

Moving forward, PalmettoSoft strives to continue to help businesses grow by utilizing experience, ethics and sound principles in the quick and ever changing world of the Internet.

Be sure to check out Rhett’s website and apply for the Free SEO Analysis that he offers. You’d be surprised what you’d learn from just that report. Then you can create a marketing plan that will be successful for 2016.