Recently I had a session with a local Connecticut portrait photographer I met at a networking meet up in Hamden, CT.  #CTMeetup was actually the name of the meet of a bunch of local business professionals and entrepreneurs somewhat connected via Twitter. I have never met Seshu prior to that day, but when I did I felt as if I had met him before. I know now I’ve seen his work all around Connecticut, but I’ll explain more on that later. During the meet and greets I met with Seshu and learned of his profession. Leaving an open ended time frame to setup a photo shoot I was pretty eager to set something up soon.

Upon arrival, I briefly met his beautiful family before walking to his studio.  I was like a kid in a candy store looking at all the devices and peripherals he had. In my mind I was thinking, this guy’s the MacGyver of photographers.  One device that really caught my attention was this old school looking camera that I learned was actually a Wista 4×5 field camera, standing off to the side. It looked like a collector’s item but pleasantly surprised to learn that Seshu still actively uses it.

As we got passed the formalities and getting me comfortable, the photo session commenced.  We both came up with some really nice, comfortable poses. What amazed me the most was Seshu’s ability to manipulate light. Positioning his Nikon speedlights at what I thought were odd places, until I saw the photo previews on the back of his camera.  I was totally amazed at how he captured the intent of moment or the attitude in my looks.  It was great. It was much more than just professional looking head shots, he was able to bring out my true personality.

See for yourself below:

Seshu Portaits 2

Seshu Portaits 1

After a truly pleasant shoot, I accidentally locked my keys in my car (thus delaying his family from leaving).  While we waited for AAA to come and open my car door, I was offered fresh banana bread. I felt like I not only made a new friend, but had a great new experience.

Now to my surprise, after really going through Seshu’s work on his websites I found that he not only photographed me, but some prominent business professionals around Connecticut including NPR’s Bruce Barber, Fathom’s Suzi Craig, and other people I’ve met or want to meet. It’s kind of like going to NBC Studios in NYC, sharing lunch with Brian Williams and not knowing who he really was, then seeing him do celebrity interviews in TV.  You get the point. If you haven’t already met him, I strongly suggest that you reach out to him. Seshu’s is really genuine and very humble. And his work is remarkable.