So the social media giant Facebook held a joint press announcement today with Myspace about a new feature.  Some people are wondering if it’s or partnership or the beginning steps of a take-over, but really its being toted as a “mashup”.  I’ll let you decide once you finish reading this.

This new product allows MySpace users that also have Facebook accounts to port their Facebook interests, profile, and likes into their MySpace profile.  What this does is allow  for personalized MySpace media streams of these features to your Facebook profile.  You’ll see more or should I say, different posts in your streams and trends in Facebook to reflect the likes, and topics, and such from Myspace.  You’ll be able to “like” these options as well and share them along with your other friends.  I wonder if this will also worth with Facebook Fan pages? Anyway below are some of the highlights:

  • Fans within the Myspace community are connected through “friending” and “following” features of Myspace topic pages and profiles
  • Facebook “likes” and “interests” are matched to relevant Myspace topic pages, profiles, video programming and other content in entertainment categories such as, music, celebrities, TV, and movies.
  • Tailored recommendations of new topic pages and profiles are surfaced in real-time to enable discovery of new entertainment experiences and greater customization
  • Subscriptions to a broad array of entertainment programming, including originals, exclusives and content from around the Web are automatically enabled based on personal preferences and settings

New MySpace Look

Myspace connect to Facebook

They say this new product will be available in a few hours.  I would anticipate by tonight the normal time people get home from work, and normally get on their social media sites they’ll be able to configure these new options.

If you’re one of the millions of active members on Facebook and are active on your Myspace account, this is probably something that you’ll enjoy. Being able to cross polinate your likes back and fourth will help with bridging a gap between friends of different sectors of your life.  Another words, the people interests you associate with on Myspace will easily seen by your parents and aunts on Facebook.  I’ve always seen Myspace as underground rave party and Facebook as the clean and spiffy afterschool club. But that’s just my opnion.  What do you think about this new feature? Will Myspace see more traffic because of it? Is Facebook testing the waters on a possible take-over in the near future?