Clean (clutter-free and simple) website designs are very popular and give your website a very professional look. Here are 5 examples of clean designs that we hope will really inspire you.

Scout Campbell Photography
Created by: Mark Dobmeier (Me)

Country Club Pet World
Created by: Mark Dobmeier (Me)

Coco’s Doggy Daycare
Created by: Mark Dobmeier (Me)

QSoft Consulting
Created by: Design Theory Team

Laser Med
Created by: Mark Dobmeier (Me)

Here are some common design features that you might find in the websites displayed above.

  • Clutter-free
  • Minimal design
  • Ample use of white space
  • Color schemes that use very few colors and are not heavily saturated
  • Clean edges and straight lines
  • Solid background colors (no textured/patterned backgrounds)
  • Typography that is well-composed
  • Powerful imagery

What are some examples of clean website designs that you’ve found?