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Two weekends ago, I attended the annual WordCamp Miami conference. What made this one different that this time I took my whole family with me. Yes that means my two kids that are both under 10 years old. I personally thought they may have been too young to apprehend what could be learn, but my wife actually convinced me to bring them along with us with the hopes that they would be interested and be eager to learn. And you know what, they were thrilled to learn how to publish their own content on the internet!

My kids have been familiar with apps, YouTube Kids, Minecraft, and recording their own videos. So when Sandy Edwards and other volunteers created curriculum for kids that weekend, I was pleasantly amazed and appreciated it all. In short, my kids are now excited about blogging, have their own websites, and are able to login on their own and create content. Moderated by us of course.

Another bonus of the weekend was Nicole was one of the speakers for the weekend. Her topic was on Facebook Marketing. You can view the slides here. We’ll be posting a video from it soon, and there will also be a video from WordPress.tv in the coming weeks. Nicole’s talk was great for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to get an edge with their marketing efforts. She keyed in on retargeting with using an HTML pixel code that you can easily add to your website to directly have your ads seen by a targeted market of people who both visit your website, competitors, websites, specific locations, and so much more. Contact us if you’d like more information on this.

Lastly, below are some photos I took of the event. Due to being engaged with Kid’s Camp, I was more involved with them than making moves around the FIU campus and grabbing some photographs like I use to. Still enjoy and let us know how your experience was for WordCamp Miami 2016.  You can view all of the photos on our Flickr page here.

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