Just this morning Bess Auer and I hosted a show on Blab. If you’re not familiar with Blab, it’s a cool new video platform that works with Twitter in the like of Periscope, yet can allow for up to four people to be shown “Brady Bunch” style at once. My first time being on a Blab was with Bess the week of Florida Blog Con. We got on there to talk about the upcoming conference, the speakers, what attendees could expect and more. Viewers are able to sign in via Twitter, and engage with us and others via the chat bar on the right and ask questions, comments, share and more.

Below is a Blab from this morning where we spoke with Joshua Johnson, Dan McGaw, Chef Dennis, and more about how to use Blab, as well as other ways to tell a story about your brand or initiative online. It was a great show and I insist you click play to watch and listen.

Bess and I will be continuing this #BlogTalkTuesday show each Tuesday morning at 10:10AM. Be sure to subscribe here for our next show for October 20th.