This morning at the Florida Blogger Conference, the opening speaker was the Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic. While I’ve never met him before, his name was familiar. His keynote was really inspiring and transparent to some personal struggles in his life that people normally don’t share. While I wont dive into that, believe me when I say that I have a great respect for him, where he’s been, and his aspirations for where he is going.

He provided his 10 Step Foundational Building Blocks to making your dreams come true. (Unofficial Title). Check them out below:

  1. Think the right kind of thoughts (what you think about all day will eventually become a reality in your life)
  2. Say the right kind of words (The words that we speak also have a way of becoming reality)
  3. Be specific in-goal setting (You need short, mid, and long-range goals) They need to be written down, reviewed often, revised often, and deadlines set.
  4. You are responsible
  5. Seek out the right kind of friends
  6. Take your hurts, pain, setbacks and disappointments and turn them into strengths. It’s through the tough times that great advancements are made.
  7. Go the second mile. Do twice of what is expected of you. (What else… can I do, contribute, offer)
  8. Never give up. (read about the life of Walt Disney. Went bankrupt 12+ times) #sticktoitivity – a word created by Walt meaning simply to never give up.
  9. Character counts. Honesty, integrity, humility, courage
  10. Live your life by the faith phenomenon
    Bonus: Practice these everyday!

So after reading all of these are you ready to print them out and post them on your cubicle wall or bathroom mirror? I think the key to this actually working is practicing these steps every day. Want to hear more about Pat, check out his book Leadership Excellence. You can see his other books on Amazon here as well.