Everyone loves Walmart, right?  You can get just about anything you need – same name brand & quality products as grocery stores but at a significantly lower price point.  In this day when recession is as common a conversation topic as the presidential election (if not more so…lol), everyday people in life & business are looking for ways to snip financial corners to get their needs with not much room for wants. While some businesses are downsizing their staffs, other are cutting the “extras” out of their budgets and even their general operating expenses.  I am glad to report that Design Theory is well aware of this issue, how worldwide economics drive business AND we’ve responded.

We know that in order for us to thrive beyond the bottom line, we have to be smart, competitive in our pricing and savvy in our marketing. So taking some pages from Walmart’s business playbook & business acumen, Design Theory offers a variety of solutions for business websites & branding efforts. Move over Walmart, we’re taking a seat at this table too!  Established by Jean Perpillant, Design Theory’s primary goal is to assist businesses, small to large, in catapulting their message, services or products to a worldwide presence AND doing so at a fraction of the cost of most big design firms.  We offer the same quality of work and development talent as the bigger firms but without making your wallet cry uncle.  This includes creating both functional and eye-catching websites, which is at the core of Design Theory, but also SEO and Social Media management and creative development of all print media and brand marketing and more to come!

Coming from an IT background, Jean understands what goes on in the back of the house of websites and has developed a staff along the East Coast (present company included) to give it all the curb appeal needed to entice consumers and grow your profit line. But it’s not just what Jean does, it’s what he loves!  “It is gratifying to be able to put such creativity to life”, he says.  And that type of passion is conveyed in his commitment to both his clients and his team.  He knows how to bring a clients vision forth in an almost tangible way while challenging and extracting the best out of his staff to do so.

Much like Walmart, Design Theory is always thinking and trying to figure out ways to be a “one stop shop” for a company’s total business marketing needs.  We take growth & evolution seriously; and we want our clients to know that we truly can offer them a personally catered menu of services specific to their needs.  Moreover, services specific to their current and long-term goals so that all elements of their branding work consistently and cohesively across all forums today and down the road. Design Theory currently offers:

  • Full HTML & WordPress Website Creation
  • Domain Hosting and Registration (client or privately owned)
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Site Traffic Analytics
  • Website Improvements
  • Content Writing
  • E-Commerce Online Solutions
  • Business Development
  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • Web Forms
  • Social Media Management
  • Print Media (Flyers, business cards, letterheads, etc)
  • Branding Materials (such as Brochures, Business Cards, Media Kits, and more!)

At Design Theory, one of our “theories” is we want your business, not your money. Simply put, your business is what’s most important to us. If we can provide a service that is beneficial to and improves your business, then we establish a relationship. And that relationship means more to Design Theory than anything else since your success is our success!