This is a quick “How To” article for anyone else out there that need a reference on how to add a new calendar to Zoom or edit the connection and settings with an existing calendar with Zoom. I recently wanted to update which Google Calendar I wanted my Zoom account configured to and couldn’t find anything directly relevant online so once I figured it out myself, I figured I’d share for anyone else.

STEP 1 – Log Into Zoom, Go To Your Profile

Step 1 - My Profile

Once you log into your account and using the left sidebar navigation, click on Profile

STEP 2 – Calendar Configuration

Step 2 - Calendar Configuration

Scroll to just about the bottom of this page and you’ll see the “Configure Calendar and Contacts Service” button. If you already had a connection and want to change or edit it, you’ll see a screen that looks like the below:

Step 6 - Finished

STEP 3 РSelect Your Calendar Service 

Step 3 - Select Calendar

For me I use Google Calendar, but as you can see you can make a connection for Exchange or Office 365, Select whichever you prefer.

STEP 4 – Choose An Account

Step 4 - Select Your Calendar

Because I’m using Google and I have multiple Google Accounts, I am going to select the one I want used with Zoom.

STEP 5 – Allow Access to Zoom

Step 5 - Confirm Calendar

You’ll see it show the icon or user account image for the account I selected from the prior and then click “Continue”

STEP 6 – All Done!

Step 6 - Finished

You will be brought back to the main Profile page, and you can scroll down to the bottom of the page again to see the new settings that are now applied.

(Check out the step by step slideshow below)