#OrlandoUnited Vigil at Dr. Phillips PAC

#OrlandoUnited Vigil at Dr. Phillips PAC

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Last night my friends and I attended the vigil at the Dr. Phillips performing arts center in Downtown Orlando. While this mass shooting is a shocking and saddening event, seeing so many people gathering together with the hope that one day things like this won’t happen was encouraging. Below are some photos I captured from the event last night.

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My First Presentation at WordCamp Orlando [VIDEO]

My First Presentation at WordCamp Orlando [VIDEO]

Early last month (November), I did a talk at WordCamp Orlando. It was my first time speaking at a WordCamp and it was so humbling and cool to be able to do so. I spoke on the difference in Custom vs Premium WordPress themes. Because this was a topic I deal with on a regular basis and get asked many questions about, I felt it was a good topic to make into a presentation and discuss.

The feedback I received was great and constructive. Check out the video below to see mine, and also check out the WordCamp Orlando YouTube page to watch the other presenter’s video presentations. You can also view my presentation slides here.

Driving Around Downtown Orlando

This weekend I wanted to take some time and test out my GoPro accessories while driving around Orlando. I drove around Lake Eola, Orange Ave, and more to see what would capture from the window of my car. While there are some bumpy roads and smoother ones I think it held up pretty good. Only bad thing was it was pretty early in the afternoon so the brightness levels aren’t the best when the sun is in the video. This is obvious, but not much I could do to adjust the mounting while driving.

There were a couple of nice angles though, and I’ll be trying this more to get a better views like turning around street corners.

Photo Friday: The Business of Blogging [Pictures]

A few weeks ago David Laietta hosted the monthly MeetUp of WordPress Orlando that featured the title “The Business of Blogging“. There is a large community here in Central Florida that are bloggers and use WordPress so this particular MeetUp was anticipated not just for the topic but for the guest speakers.

The speakers were Bess Auer, Angel Yard, and Gloria Rand. While I won’t get too much into what they talked about, I would rather point you to the MeetUp website and see for yourself here. For now, check out some of the photos I shot from the event.

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Photo Friday: Young Love

This is a sample of a shoot I did in Downtown Orlando. This couple provided their own chemistry while walking around and allowing me to shoot candidly throughout the time there. It was a fun experience because they allowed me full creative authority on their pictures. What’s great about this is being able to channel in on your true photographic creativity. While I am rather familiar with the area and had some key places I knew I wanted to shoot and how, still being able to create what I wanted was refreshing.