I've seen the future. It's in my browser

The other night, I made my browser draw a circle. To be honest, there was more to it than just that, but that’s what my fiancee saw, and she–being an “end user” of web technology– was nowhere near as impressed as I was.

I’m talking, of course, about HTML5 Canvas, the ability to essentially “draw” on an area of the browser.  This has the potential for a bunch of cool things, including  games or web applications.  In fact, HTML5 and CSS3, which are still technically “in development” have the potential to allow for a lot of innovation to the web.

Which brings me to my point–users, whether they are clients or family members, will probably not understand the significance of HTML5 Canvas or geolocation, but there are certain times when they should be made aware of the benefits of newer technology.  This could be explaining to a client the benefits of HTML5’s markup (particularly on a static site they update) or sharing an HTML5 based game with someone in your family.  While they may not fully appreciate all the features of newer technology, they may be able to see how it benefits them and appreciate the smaller bits–especially if you make it relevant to their situation and keep the explanation short and simple.

The fact is that technology will always be changing and evolving. The web isn’t any different. Being able to understand and share these changes is one of the great parts of being a web developer.

I drew a circle.  Want to see?