What I Learned in Real Estate Photography Shooting My First House

What I Learned in Real Estate Photography Shooting My First House

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This week I shot my first house in terms of real estate photography. This is something slightly new for me because a few months ago I shot a 2b/1.5b condo. This is a new area that I’d like to add to my portfolio as well as list of photography services that I can provide. I was working with a local realtor that I have met a few times around my neighborhood. And in talking to her is how this opportunity came up.

For me lighting is everything when I’m shooting, and I brought along my wife who’s my technical director. She sees the objects, misplaced items, coordination of objects, and so much more so I’d say we’re a good team.

One thing that I wanted to mention is that this house was staged rather nicely. There wasn’t any clutter of objects or things around the floors or counters. It was like a house just done by HGTV.

The Tech Breakdown:

  • Nikon D3200
  • Sigma 17-70 2.8 Lens
  • 3 Speedlights
  • 1 150w Strobe
  • An 11mm super wide lens is the next purchase I’ll be making! 

You’ll be able to see for yourself my results after editing. Your comments are of course welcomed!

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