It is very hard to start out as a designer and get your name and designs out into the world. It can be an intimidating task, but here are a few things you can do to get people interested in your work.

Your work online or creating your online portfolioEvery graphic designer should have an online presence if they plan to take themselves seriously. One of the easiest way to get your designs out there is by putting your work online.  While you run the risk of being copied, chances are you will get to reach someone you might not get to meet otherwise.  There are  hundreds of galleries out there, and they provide an opportunity to get some exposure to your portfolio site.  If you scroll through the sites featured at most design galleries you’ll see that a decent percentage of them are portfolio sites from designers. You should be ready to get featured in some larger, popular galleries; you never know when the opportunity may come. The only problem with these galleries is that a large percentage of their visitors are other designers, so your work may not be seen by as many people who are looking for a designer.

Self Branding

Take the time to develop your brand and design business cards, a stellar resume, and put together a portfolio for interviews. Always dress appropriately and follow up interviews. The employer will not only appreciate your attention to detail but your brand will too. Remember to edit your social media profile of unwanted photos and/or comments.

Start a blog

Blogging is also a very effective tool for exposing your portfolio site and to keep them coming back for more. A blog should bring  valuable content that attract subscribers. While building a successful blog will take time, effort and consistency, it can have a huge impact on how many people see your portfolio and how well you’re able to build your name in the industry.

Grow your network more and more

Relationships are a critical part of graphic design. When someone gets to know who you are, what you can do, and vouch for your work, it will go miles in terms of credibility and name recognition. Develop a short self-promotion pitch with three key messages like your background, career interests and future endeavors.  You never know who might be looking to fill a position, or more importantly, who knows someone else who is.

Use a recognized client

One way to get your work seen is to piggyback on the success of your clients. Designing for the right high-profile client may give you the exposure that you need. Of course, landing work with these clients is not always easy and you may need to give a discount or free work in order to get their attention.

Get interviewed

Being interviewed by another website, blog, or magazine can provide an excellent opportunity to get your name in front of others and to help them learn more about you as an individual. Most interviews will include a link to your portfolio site, so it can result in interested visitors who want to check out your work.

More than anything, follow your passion; design with a purpose and having always the client in mind.

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