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We can always use some good advice, especially from successful professionals.  That’s why we are revealing how experienced Graphic Designers think, work and process information.  Good habits are found in every part of the design process, from promoting yourself well in order to land the client, to working with that client, to achieving the desired results on press or digital mediums.

  • Do you know when to quit? Ironically, quitting can be good for your career. Successful people aren’t afraid to cut what’s not working. So, that’s the first habit: learn to quit. Let things go when they are not for you or you really don’t have the tools for the project.
  • Keep in touch. You want clients to think of you first. Though repeat projects from some clients may be few and far between, keeping in touch occasionally will help secure you in their mind for future work.
  • Do some extra-good-job with the small projects. Small projects are often treated as so; small jobs, but every business starts small. The better the job you do on the small job, the better your chances of landing the big job down the road.
  • Beginning and end. When you begin a project make sure to have clearly defined goals. Know what the desired outcome is thus helping you define the project and keep on task.
  • Mingle! Meet other creatives. Learn and evaluate their creations, have them do the same with yours.  This will help you have a fresh look to your designs and learn what other designers are doing.
  • Never stop learning. The Design industry is in continuous evolution with new tools, software and technologies emerging every single day.  Stay updated, read Design magazines, learn about the new trends and morph your designs without loosing your designing character.
  • Passion! This is the ideal element that all successful graphic designers own. It is the force behind our creativity and compels us to take our imagination to higher levels in order to create amazing design concepts.

These are just some great habits that successful Graphics Designers use.  What are your tips & tricks for a smooth sailing?

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