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When it comes to your business there are many hats to wear, tasks to create, and goals to achieve. You’re probably really good at doing one thing really well for your business, but trying to learn what’s new in social media, plan a marketing strategy, and track what’s working and what things need improvement are all essential pieces to your business that you’re aware of but need a clear way to be productive.

Our twelve month course is exactly what you need to get your business back on track and also have a clear plan to make 2020 one of the best years yet.

You’ll Get:

  • Enrollment in our online business strategy workshop that starts with 5 courses
  • A monthly webinar to teach social media strategy, customer avatar defining, Facebook Ads, and more
  • Access to the Hero Academy Slack Channel for class questions, networking, and more


“Jean is amazing with his strategy ideas! It seems effortless for him and we appreciate the dedication.” Ben C.

“I had no idea where I should start with promoting my company online and with Nicole’s help, I started to get more customers and got understanding on how effective Facebook Ads can be.” Susan G.

“I didn’t have time to research and try and understand everything about social media. Especially when it seems to change so often. I just trusted Jean with his strategies and I’m able to focus on my business.” Alex W.