Image based network, as a designer I will say is much more than that.  Pinterest is a social network, a image bookmarking tool, and a genius marketing tool.

Simple and easy to use interface, see a photo you like? You can quickly ‘pin’ it to a virtual board in your Pinterest account easily.  This great tool give you the option to create up to 350 boards that can be viewed by anyone and everyone that follows you.  Pinterest users search sometimes hours a day for inspiration, crafts, blog articles, and much more. When they find something they like, they repin it. This means that all of their friends can see this new pin and repin it too.

A little bit of each one

Twitter – There’s a little bit of Twitter in it since you can follow other users and see what they have been pining.  Facebook – You can Like or comment on any image, helping to the popularity of their boards.

When working with a client

Consider creating a board of examples that your client can see.  It is a great way to collect and display concept material for a client that they can see in one place.  It will be your best bet to create a private board.  Pinterest also has the ability to invite other people to contribute to a board, this allows you to crowd source your projects.

Sales or lead generation

You could promote and sell your designs or artwork using Pinterest as a lead generator. You’ll still need a shopping cart and a website to do the actual selling, however.

Connect, mingle and share

This medium should be part of every designer, artist and illustrator’s social media strategy alongside the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  With the ability to follow other pinners, you can get to know designers, agencies and freelancers that you might like.  By following and sharing their content, you will probably encourage them to check your content and pinn it.

Your own work

Create a board for your own work and pin your best designs. This will give you more exposure on the web, drawing more attention to your designs.  Your work might even be re-pinned and shared by other Pinterest users.

Be sure to include your name – business name in the description of your image. Or, better still, watermark your own submissions with your logo and website address.

For any designer, Pinterest is an excellent way to market your business and to use as a secondary graphic design resume. For graphic designers or web developers, however, marketing on Pinterest is especially important to use since pins are so heavily based on images.


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