Last week my colleague Yvonne, wrote an amazing article about Coke’s campaign for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Reading her post sparked my designer’s curiosity about the brand, I decided to find out what new designs and creations they developed for the games.

My findings, impressive.  Coca Cola teamed with some of the best names in design in order to create an amazing combination of design, content, media presence and much more.

Matt W. Moore, designer and illustrator based in Maine worked in collaboration with Attik developing an extensive campaign for the games. They were responsible for creating a library of graphics that would be applied to all sorts of materials worldwide. This includes packaging, uniforms, signage and even a building. The results, exactly what we are used to see from Matt W. Moore, dynamic, vibrant and engaging designs.

Coca Cola Plastic Bottles London 2012

Coca Cola Bottle Design London 2012

Matt first developed the design concept for Coca Cola, then Attik refined the concept into a VIS (visual identity system); this VIS was then passed along to agencies around the world to work with for their regional campaigns. That’s how the brand identity and packaging design company Turner Duckworth has teamed up with Coca-Cola’s North American design team to come up with six new designs for Coca-Cola cans to commemorate the Olympics. Available in the US only, each can depicts a different sport with an ‘in-action’ motif of an athlete. The cans will rotate throughout the summer with a new one hitting the market every two weeks. The designs will also feature on bottles and mini-cans. The designs will also appear on in-store displays, premiums and select TV spots.

Coca Cola Cans London 2012

Coca Cola Packaging London 2012

Once again, my colleague Yvonne was right. Coca Cola deserve the gold in the 2012 Olympic Games branding challenge.

Have you seen the new packaging design for coke?


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