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Tuesday May 21 @ 10AM
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Business Questions


You’ll be able to ask questions during this workshop that pertain to your specific needs. No question is a bad question, unless it’s not asked.



Implementing these strategies will help you convert profile views into valuable leads.

Streamline Your Marketing

Streamline Your Marketing

Learn how to export your LinkedIn connections to create targeted, effective email marketing campaigns.

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CEO & Founder

We are committed to fostering exceptional client relationships. Our approach is to get a deep understanding of our client’s unique business products and services to leverage our team’s years of experience and collective skill to achieve success in today’s challenging digital spaces. 

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Strategic Engagement

Understand how to engage strategically with your network to maximize visibility and influence.

Creating Evergreen Content

Discover how to create impactful content that keeps attention days after you post it.

Using Functional External Links

Learn how to incorporate external links that drive traffic to your website, portfolio, or other professional platforms.

Creative Mode

Utilize LinkedIn’s Creative Mode to enhance your profile’s visual appeal and showcase your professional brand.

Customizing Your Profile

Learn and set custom features to really make your profile unique, easier to find, and share. 

Join us for a hands-on workshop designed to transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool for generating leads and increasing sales. We will delve into the lesser-known features and strategies that can make your profile stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

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I learned so much!

“The session on strategic engagement opened my eyes to the potential of my LinkedIn profile. I learned how to make my interactions more meaningful, which dramatically increased my visibility and influence within my industry. I’ve already started applying these techniques, focusing on engaging with content relevant to my field and using insightful comments to initiate conversations. This approach has not only expanded my network but also led to several promising business opportunities. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to enhance their professional presence on LinkedIn!”

Michelle V.

Incredibly Insightful

As a Project Manager, I have numerous certifications, but I wasn’t showcasing them effectively on my profile. The workshop taught me how to strategically link my credentials to highlight my expertise. Since updating my profile, I’ve noticed a significant increase in profile views from recruiters and industry peers, leading to more discussions about potential collaborations. This seminar is a must for professionals who want to leverage their qualifications to attract the right attention on LinkedIn!”

Willy S.

Got More Than I Bargained For

The segment on using functional external links was particularly beneficial for me. I learned how to effectively incorporate links to my business website and recent projects, which has drastically improved the traffic to my site. By integrating these links into my LinkedIn profile, I’ve not only enhanced my professional brand but also attracted more leads directly interested in what my business offers. This strategic approach has been a key factor in increasing our online engagement and sales. I highly recommend this seminar to any entrepreneur looking to use LinkedIn as a powerful tool for business growth!”

Miguel R.

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