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It was a pleasure meeting with you, and I’m glad you’re taking the next step in growing your business with the help of my partner agency Design Theory.

A Theory and Approach to Business

Our customers actually are our partners. We’re invested in their success, and believe that breeds more success. Our time, efforts, and talents go into all of our projects with planned goals and achievements. Building a website may not take long, but the true work begins once it is launched. Learn more about our process by seeing some of our work, our publications, or just contact us.


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A Little About Our Process

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January 01, 2021
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January 01, 2021
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Web Development Starts

January 01, 2021
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Half-Way Development Review

January 01, 2021
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Final Edits Are Completed

January 01, 2021
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Final Client Review & Approval

January 01, 2021
12 AM

We Launch & Go Live!

January 01, 2021
12 AM

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