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Ok, so you chose to live the “glamorous” life of a freelance graphic designer. Two months later you start realizing there is no such a “glamorous” life when you are a freelance graphic designer, specially if you just started in this world.

How can a freelancer get more work and generate more leads?


Relationships – your clients are one of the most important aspects of your career as a freelancer.

  • Be honest to your clients
  • Keep in touch with old clients, offer your new services and also revisions of old services
  • It’s okay to disagree, but learn to respectfully disagree
  • Develop a newsletter
  • Don’t be afraid of requesting referrals


Designs – following some simple steps go a long way on the results of your designs.

  • Research your options, similar designs and ideas
  • Sketch, draw, imagine.  Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room to create.
  • Have your client in mind when designing, remember they are the ones paying and they are the ones that know their clients.


Time management – you may end up with multiple projects at a time, how you manage to survive and deliver on time.

  • Prioritize, organize your work by importance and deadlines
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Project management applications can help (yo can find some free ones online)
  • If you are too busy, consider outsourcing some designs or works

Sell yourself – to reach clients, you need to constantly market yourself and prove your worth over other designers.

  • Learn your work, make sure that you know what you are talking about and present yourself secure of your designs
  • Use social media, social media is an amazing tool to promote your services, showcase your projects and meet other freelancers.
  • Develop creative business cards, marketing material; use your talents in favor of your marketing material


These are basic ideas you can use in the launch of your new freelance career.  Can you suggest some other ideas?

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