Last Saturday was World Graphic Design Day, April 27 marks the birthday of Icograda, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations. Established in 1963, Icograda marks its 50 anniversary on 27 April. This celebration was launched in 1991 as World Graphics Day.  It is an opportunity to recognize communication design, and its role in the world, and to celebrate the birthday of Icograda.

International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) was founded in London in 1963. Icograda is the world body for professional communication design and visual communication. Icograda network members include professional associations, design promotion bodies, design media and design education institutions. Design media are affiliated through the Icograda Design Media Network.

Ours is one of the most influential professions in the world. It shapes the daily lives of people everywhere. World Graphics Day is an opportunity to recognise communication design and its role in the world. Communication designers around the world, connected by a passion for their profession, are asked to take a moment to collectively feel pride in the work they do in their communities. Let’s reflect, and hope that our profession will continue to contribute to a better, sustainable world. What an amazing time to be a designer!  We can see events unfolding all around the world. We can communicate instantly with each other in many different ways.

To commemorate this date we will showcase some designs created along the years for the World Graphic design Day.


34565-290-410                a03c59c22b5ea1435c0122e6fb2a0060                 Imprimir HaveAnAwesome (1)                 tumblr_m35odu2Xo11qjzkvto1_500                  world_graphic_design_day_by_nekokitty02-d34iaji World_Graphics_Day

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