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A couple of weeks ago we started talking about terms, vocabulary or jargon on the various graphic design software. Today we are going to learn a little bit about another Adobe software, Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe Illustrator is a great program for drawing vector-based graphics. You can create illustrations, diagrams, and other forms of artwork.

  • first developed for Apple Macintosh in December 1986
  • Primary used for vector drawing

Lets now learn some vocabulary words for Adobe Illustrator.

Anchor point – a point on a path that indicates a change of direction.

Art board – printable portion of the work area, where illustrations can be finalized.

Bezier Curve – A mathematically generated curve that has two endpoints and control points to specify curve direction.

Bounding box – a temporary frame around a selected object that shows the object’s outer dimensions.

Brush— A selected brush determines the appearance of a path’s stroke. Brushes are stored in the Brushes palette, and sets of brushes can be loaded and saved.

Closed path – Vector paths that are continuous and have no ends; the beginning and end points are the same.

Constrain – to force and object to take a certain form.

Corner pointe – an anchor point where a path changes direction in an angle rather than smoothly.

Dock – A location in the application window where a panel or panels are secured so they do not float.

Fill – characteristics of the inner area of an object, such as the color, pattern, style inside and object.

Marquee – Rectangle drawn around an object with a tool to select an area.

Open path – Vector paths that have two ends; the beginning and end points are not the same.

Panel – A group of related commands and options.

Path – The line that forms the shape of an object.

Point of origin – The point on which an object rotates or transforms. The point of origin may be within the object or outside it.

Shear – To slant or skew an object from its original orientation.

Smooth Point – an anchor point that connects path segments in a smooth curve.

Stroke – Characteristics of the outline of an object, such as its weight, color, style.

Are any of these words new for you? Next week we will see and learn a little bit more about Adobe Illustrator.

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