After a bunch of weeks working with the Brushes Panel in Illustrator, I will close this series with some simple a basic tips that you should never forget when working with brushes.

Saving Brushes

Now that you have create a bunch of new brushes, you might want to save them so you can access them from any new document you create. To save the brushes, click the Brush Libraries Menu and select Save Bushes. Name the brushes, and next you need them Click the Brush Libraries Menu, then choose your brushes under the User Defined section.

Best Practices and Tips

  • Use Scatter Brushes to quickly fill a page with random looking art.
  • If you need to edit on instance of a brush, use the Stoke Options button from the Brush Panel. You can make changes to a certain brush stroke without affecting the other strokes.
  • You cannot use gradients in brushes, but you can use blends. You can create a blend that looks like a gradient and create a brush out of it.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did. What did you learned from this series and what other tips you can advise to our readers?

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