Mother’s Day happens once a year and it’s a day when we celebrate and recognize mothers and motherhood in general.

Businesses will want to make the most out of this year’s Mother’s Day celebration. Restaurants will be packed, flowers will be delivered, greeting cards will be mailed, and stores will be filled with shoppers looking for gifts for their moms.

Designing for Mother’s Day  promotions or greeting cards might seem easy, but in reality there are only so many ways to say “Thank you” to that special person in our life. That’s why the best graphic designers seek fresh, unique and originally creative ways to represent Mother’s Day through printed posters, banners, postcards, brochures, flyers, door hangers, and greeting cards.

If you’re a graphic designer, this would be a good opportunity to use your skills to earn a quick buck. Entrepreneurs will be looking out for talented individuals who can work on their promotional materials. Establishing a relationship with other businessmen will do you good because it can lead to more lucrative projects down the road.

There are many themes you can use as the foundation or central focus of your Mother’s Day flyers, banners, and postcards – new mothers, soccer moms, grandmothers, their children and grandchildren, and many more. You can promote by hobby, stereotype, mother-to-child relationships, and other emotion-eliciting and motivational angles.

Start by reading about the history of Mother’s Day on the Wikipedia website, which details such obscure facts as the modern holiday’s founder eventual opposition to its commercialization and the ancient Roman festival called Matronalia. The more you learn about the holiday’s roots, the more opportunities you have to create compelling and unique designs that captivate audiences.

You need to understand that graphic designers are often hired to bring something new to the table. That makes things a tad more complicated as the Mother’s Day theme had been done to death. The good news is that there are things you could do to spice things up and stand out from the competition.

we love you mom

Fresh and young

Moms are getting younger – and I’m not necessarily talking about age. Today’s crop of mothers are able to keep up with technology and aren’t as conservative as the generation before them. Your designs should reflect that.

Also, moms today respond to humor as well as they do to tear-jerker Mother’s Day ads. Try finding the perfect balance between the two. It would work so well on greeting cards as well.

What photos you use?

Stock photos can be used, but make sure there are good.  And around Mother’s Day, everyone’s going to be looking for photos of the same thing — moms. Using copyrighted images is a bad idea as your employer can get sued – that’s not something you want to do to your boss. It’d be nice to have your own set of photos so none of your projects look identical to others. Actually, it’d be considered best practice if you do that for all future projects though we all know how hard great pictures are to come by.

Having images of moms at your disposal would really help speed up the work process and give you more control over the output.

loving mommy

Family Rules

More than anything, Mother’s Day is more about the entire family having some fun together. Keep that in mind when creating designs for table tents for restaurants of fast food joints. Spas usually have great mother’s day deals around this time, too. Encourage whoever hired you to keep the theme of the promotional items family centered. However, it’s important to not go over the line; you wouldn’t want to imply that you know more than he does about his own products or services.

What ideas you use when designing for Mother’s Day items?

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