Are you in need of advice? We can always use some good advice, especially from successful professionals.  That’s why we are revealing how experienced Graphic Designers think, work and process information.  Good habits are found in every part of the design process, from promoting yourself well in order to land the client, to working with that client, to achieving the desired results on press.

Here are some tips and tricks we can all apply to our daily designing process.

  1. Keep in touch – You want clients to think of you first. Though repeat projects from some clients may be few and far between, keeping in touch occasionally will help secure you in their mind for future work.
  2. Mingle – Meet other creatives. Learn and evaluate their creations, have them do the same with yours.  This will help you have a fresh look to your designs and learn what other designers are doing.
  3. Watch your time -It’s so easy to get distracted at work and not be as well organized as you wish you could be.  Try to skip unnecessary meetings, distracting emails, phone calls; your day may be over by the time you finish paying attention to all these “duties”.  Usually, we don’t have unlimited time to create a project, that’s why we need to stick to the timeline and skip distractions.
  4. Never stop learning – The Design industry is in continuous evolution with new tools, software and technologies emerging every single day.  Stay updated, read Design magazines, learn about the new trends and morph your designs without loosing your designing character.
  5. Build your reputation – Work hard on building an excellent reputation and becoming a designer that people wish to work with.  A great tool for building reputation is through a blog, which is a very good way of finding new clients and spreading your knowledge.
  6. Passion, passion, passion – This is the ideal element that all successful graphic designers own. It is the force behind our creativity and compels us to take our imagination to higher levels in order to create amazing design concepts.

These are just some great habits that successful Graphics Designers use.  What are your tips & tricks for a smooth sailing?

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