2013 is already settled in, we are half way January and this is the time when trends show their faces; when new color combinations make their appearance and styles decide to stay.

As graphic designers, we are constantly striving to find the latest and trendy ways to improve the entire look of our designs. It is not easy to predict trends for an industry which is changing with the blink of any eye. You never know what is going to be in and what is going to out from the trend list. On one hand you will be designing to please clients by following trends set in 2012 and on another hand, you will be designing in a way so that you can set new trends for 2013. Today, in this article we will discuss some  predictions as far as graphic design trends in 2013 are concerned.


Designers have a lot of fonts available to select from. However, selecting typography is no longer a small decision and selecting a trendy typography design is very important. Predictions are that 2013 is going to be a great year for typography as it will be given much, much importance. In fact, typography will become an integral part of any design. Designers will no longer replace text with the beautiful images and will try to enhance design’s beauty through typography. By 2013, it is expected that designers will give typography a lot of importance, almost being considered as the foundation of any design. It is expected that most graphic designers will focus on coming up with unique typographical styles for a particular design, since typography cannot just attract readers, but promote unique beauty as well.

Designing simple

Last year, many corporations re-design their logos to be much simpler and cleaner than before. In 2013, we expect many other companies to follow suit with these clean and simple logo designs. Simple and striking illustration styles are expected to become popular in the new year and usher in a new appreciation for minimalist design.

Going digital

This one makes me a bit sad (not that I’m too old, but I still love my prints). People is opting to read materials from an e-reader or tablet everyday, it only makes sense that they would purchase their magazines in the same format. Digital magazines and catalogs are growing in popularity as the prices of tablets come down and more people purchase them. Interactive ads and animated photographs and illustrations add interest and attraction to e-publications for both the consumer and the magazine companies and adds an extra layer of interest to this new format.

When printed, it will be cool

We already mention how everyday materials are going digital, printing is expected to take a turn for the higher-end market, with experimental printing processes and high quality papers and inks. Great designs are expected to rule the printed magazine world, with an emphasis on tactile qualities. While printing may not be popular for the average magazine or newspaper, the people who really appreciate printed materials (me), are in for a real treat.

It is very important to have a strategy for the year and to plan properly. It is nice to follow trends, but always following some basic design rules and, of course, aesthetic
appealing. The mentioned graphic design trends are only predictions by some of the experts and along with these we can definitely see a lot of other trends in 2013. Are there any trends that you think will hit the designing world in 2013? If yes, please share them with us.


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