London, the eyes of the world are looking on to so glorious place. Approximately 2 billion people will be watching the games on TV, Internet or following trough Social Media, but for the lucky ones that found themselves in London there’s an important piece of design they will need to join the games, they will need Olympic Tickets.

The tickets were designed by Futurebrand, brand developer for UPS, Sprite, MSN, LAN and many more.

Each ticket features the relevant sport pictogram with a specific colour scheme for each venue, as well as an image of the venue, to help spectators reach their destination. Information seems to be the basis of the design,  in order “to help spectators reach their destination”.

Most celebratory is the opening ceremony ticket, coloured in gold with one design featuring trumpets.

However perhaps more importantly, each ticket bears the name of the booker, a hologram, and the price paid for the ticket, in order to reduce counterfeiting.

In my opinion, the pictograms actually work well and it’s interesting to see how the two styles – the silhouette version for high-visibility shown top left on the tickets and the ‘dynamic’ set – work together. The key information – date, time etc – is clear and easy to find and the use of the venue images and colour coding should help visitors navigate their way effectively. Interesting that the 2012 typeface has not been used for the information elements – not easy enough to read?

What you think about the tickets design? Are you enjoying the Games already?




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